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Business Essay

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Write a report which describes the role the internet has within marketing. You should include the following sections:

What is an online presence? How do businesses use different modern information and communications technologies (PC, Tablet, Smart Phone etc)?
Having an online presence is when a business or individual exist on the world wide web (www) and a way for the company to market itself through it. For example a website, this is where they can portray their brand in the way they feel is best, by customising the look to give to correct feel.
Businesses can use various different modern information and communications technologies. As this is critical for businesses to foster these as it provides effective communication for them and long term success.
Technology that can be ...view middle of the document...

Businesses can use these to increase brand recognition, brand loyalty, high conversion rates, and decreased marketing costs.
What is the role of the Marketing function? Include 4 and/or 7 P’s.
The function of modern marketing is to attract and keep customers, these can be consumers (B2C) or other businesses (B2B). The 4 P’s of marketing are product, price, place, and promotion.
Product is .
Price is .
Place is .
Promotion is .

How have customer buying habits changed since the birth of online shopping?
The birth of online shopping has triggered various habits this is due to many significant reasons.
How does the internet enable businesses to carry out various Marketing activities? You need to include:
the increased integration of marketing mix
identification of new product and market development opportunities
explain disintermediation.
This is the removal of the intermediates for example a broker or agent), as now many companies or individuals deal with their customers directly using the internet. The removal of the intermediates can encourage profit margins and margins to increase.
Relationship marketing is keeping existing customers, this is done by interaction with products, and surveys/ feedback.
technology-enabled targeting and segmentation
On social media platforms companies target potential customers, as platforms such as Facebook drive are one of the major driving force behind e-commerce. If they correctly advertise their brand and products this can collate customers and possibly spread the word of the brand though out the world wide web quicker than it would in a shop.
direct market communication by producers
examples of business-to-business (b2b), business-to consumer (b2c) and consumer-to-consumer (c2c) such as eBay
Your report should include relevant examples and images to back up your findings and include sources of information.

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