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Business Ethics Essay

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Interpersonal Relations
Positive relationships may lead to better communication and wider interaction between group members. In a group composed of friends, it would be expected that communication channels would be more open and numerous. This in turn, would be expected to exert facilitative effects on problem solving because it may lead to greater interchange of viewpoints and information and to more widespread contribution to problem solutions.
And the sense of mutual support and the active cooperation created by friendly relations will enable the group to deal more confidently with its tasks and with the environment, including the leader.
In all groups, however, ...view middle of the document...

B. Involves the provision of appropriate methodological assistance needed by the group.
C. Involves the discovery and coordination of member resources.

A. Group work usually involves the continual exploration and reformulation of problems
All activities cannot be planned to the smallest detail with absolute certainty because no one can ever be sure of all the factors that may become involved as an operation proceeds.

B. Involves the provision of appropriate methodological assistance needed by the group.
The leader may suggest relevant concepts and techniques that will aid in problem solution. In addition, he must guide the group along lines that will provide a happy compromise between procedural rigidity and laxity that can develop in connection
C. Involves the discovery and coordination of member resources.
Attention must be paid to finding and maintaining conditions that will enable each person who can make a needed contribution to make it. This requires awareness of the different abilities that people can bring to bear on problems

Principles of Group Leadership
PRINCIPLE ONE. The effective group has a leadership climate conducive to effective performance and is so organized as to permit maximum contribution by all members
Opportunities to contribute, to be heard, and to be an active member of an organization are opportunities that most people strive for. Leaders who provide such opportunities tend to develop group that display greater cohesiveness, higher morale, and greater involvement in the work.

PRINCIPLE TWO. The effective operating group is so organized and led as to permit maximum interaction between members.
Effective leader tries to channel the process in such a way that it will least interfere with the group’s functioning. He organizes the work so that the fact of a common task to accomplish gives personnel valid reasons for interacting. He coordinates activities in such a way that personnel have adequate opportunities to consult on problems. He ensures participation in a wide range of assignments so that various members get a chance to know each other closely.

PRINCIPLE THREE. Explicit formulation of objectives increases group cohesion and member involvement with group missions
A group’s operating effectiveness improves when the group’s objective is clearly understood and accepted by all members.
When leaders explicitly formulate objectives or problems, clearly indicate necessary activities, and designate desired outcomes, cohesion and high member involvement are likely to be the result

PRINCIPLE FOUR. Provision of clear policies and procedures reduces uncertainty; these guides to action, however should be kept flexible.
One of the principal sources of frustration in a group operations is uncertainty—uncertainty of objective, uncertainty of progress, uncertainty about the appropriateness of projected actions....

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