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Module 1: Lying
We generally think of lying as negative, and lying is sometimes referred to as fraud or cheating and might lead to severe punishment. However, is it possible for lies to be justified?
In module one, a lie in military and a lie in business were presented. In the military case ‘Operation Fortitude’, the Allies fooled the Nazis by creating fake invasion signals. In the business case, Harold provided fake documents to the bank to get a loan in order to pay salaries in his business. Are these two lies justified? In the following content, I would analyze the ‘Operation Fortitude’ and the fake document for loan from a utilitarian point of view and a deontological ...view middle of the document...

His actions will be considered ethical from a utilitarian aspect. However, if he fails to pay back the loan and the employee still miss pay checks, he might be in serious trouble because of his “unethical” action, which is in a utilitarian aspect, lowers everyone’s utility.
In a Deontological point of view, reasons why decisions are made are more important than the results of the decisions and deontologists value human dignity. Referring to the example of three grandchildren taking care of their grandmother, a deontologist would argue that the reason behind why taking care is important to determine whether ethical or not. If the grandchild is taking care of grandma because of fear of bad outcomes of not doing so, then it is not ethical in the deontologist point of view. The child who takes care of grandma because of love might be justified as moral since loving grandma values her dignity, but it is still not the best reason for being ethical since this child might stop taking care of grandma when he doesn’t like grandma anymore. In Immanuel Kant’s point of view, grandma has to be taken care of not because she needs compassion or because you feel like doing so or because you are afraid of the results of not doing so but because grandma has the right to be taken care of. It is the grandchildren’s duty to take care of grandma. Thus, only the grandchild that feels the obligation to take care of grandma is considered ethical by Kant. Similarly, in the other example of whether to give the waiter tips, the deontologists would argue that it is actually the waiter’s right to receive the tip and you are just doing your duty in giving the tip. Merely being compassionate of the waiter’s low salary or...

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