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Business Managements Essay

366 words - 2 pages

Marking Guide
Assessment Task 2 – Manage and develop team
Candidate’s name | | Phone no. | |
Assessor’s name | | Phone no. | |
Assessment site | |
Assessment date/s | | Time/s | |
Did the candidate: | Satisfactory |
| Yes | No |
Participate in two role-plays observed by the assessor: * handling customer complaints * managing under-performing team member? | | |
Performance indicators
Did the candidate: | Satisfactory |
| Yes | No |
Demonstrate ability to consult with customers to resolve complaints using active listening: * asking questions * paraphrasing/summarising * using verbal prompts * maintaining good eye contact (if appropriate). | | |
Apply techniques and ...view middle of the document...

* offering what the customer wants (if within your authority) * explaining what you are authorised to offer * explaining referral procedures to handle non-routine enquiries and complaints (candidate should discuss arrangements to have manager contact customer to discuss and resolve complaint as per procedures)? | | |
Demonstrate ability to develop human resources (team members) by monitoring performance to recognise areas for improvement, for example: * knowledge of procedures * training * stress relief, amended work schedule, etc? | | |
Demonstrate ability to develop human resources (team members) by improving the team members’ ability to provide quality customer service to customer specifications and organisational policy and procedures on behalf of the simulated business, for example: * refer to customer needs and procedures for satisfying needs at Innovative Widgets * discuss work schedule and ways to reduce stress * discuss possible training? | | |
Demonstrate ability to develop human resources (team members) by assisting team members to handle customer complaints: * using active listening to hear out team member and uncover or confirm root issues, such as stress and under confidence, lack of training manifesting as anger and poor performance * using the GROW model * referring to procedures and discuss how the complaint could have been handled, for example: * not arguing with customers * addressing the problem (and seeking assistance when needed) * offering incentives such as discounts? | | |
Comments/feedback to participant
Outcome: | | Successful | | Unsuccessful |
Assessor name: | |
Assessor signature: | |

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