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Business Plan Essay

8308 words - 34 pages

Introduction 1
1. Project background 1
2. Project definition 2
3. Project objectives 3
4. Project stakeholders and stakeholder analysis 7
5. Legal and ethical issues 9
6. Resources 10
7. Risk management 12
Conclusion 13
Appendix 1 14
Appendix2 15
Appendix 3 17
Appendix 4 18
Appendix 5 20
Appendix 6 40


With the extending of Globalization, there is a trend for students to going abroad for further study. A language company, Lyceum, make a project which aim at the foreign students in Australia. This project will create a great amount of profit and achieve the CSR at the same time for Lyceum. And this report is made to analysis the ...view middle of the document...

Australia is a country which emphasis on its education, it has 42 universities and more than 230 Specialist Technology Colleges, including 22 universities ranked in the world TOP500.(Grant, 2011) By cooperating with the universities, Lyceum can get enough foreign students.
"The government needs to make older people to stay in work, and to develop a new program which enables older workers to continue working, arrange suitable jobs to meet their needs, such as to meet the needs of the lifestyle and physical. (Anderson, 2014) Lyceum can ease that problem by hiring old people as teachers.
The perceived need of this project is tremendous. There are thousands of foreign students come to Australia and seeking for the chance to improve their English level. And there are also lots of retired old people want to make self-actualization by further working. Lyceum can make it real by combining both of the needs of them, and provide opportunities for them. The perceived need is so large which can make the company make great amount of profit.
The opportunities of this project are based on the Australia government policy. Australian Department of Immigration relieved employment rules for foreign students, from March 23, all the students with bachelor degree, regardless of any professional field can work in Australia for two years, and master's degree graduates can work for three years.(Honeywood, 2013) This policy encouraged foreign students come and work in Australia, and with the help of working wages, the foreign students are not stressed of the study fees.

2. Project definition

a.Nature of the project
Lyceum planning to implement a new business to attract more foreign student to study English in their classes, and decrease the cost by hiring retired old people and achieve the CSR at the same time.
b. Project aim
This project belongs to the Engineering Construction type. The goal of the project is well defined at the beginning which is to extend the number of the foreign students of the institution. The method is hiring retired old people to teach the foreign students English. T is emphasis on activity-based planning and the project can be quickly into planning and to be done.
c. Project scope
This project is made to meet the needs of the increasing number of the foreign students, and this project can also make more profit for the company at the same time. This project is to provide education services to the foreign students, and it is more work-oriented. Because the capital of the project is limited in XXXX, so this project is considered to attract XXXX student within XX years.
The fund and resources of this project is important, because it can not only create much profit for the company but also can gain fame form the society.
d. Prerequisites and Assumptions
There must be some uncertain information when the company are conceiving, planning, and performing their project, so there is a must to make some assumptions, in order to document...

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