Business Portfolio Essay

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Audience Analysis


Chene’ Eaton

April 11, 2011

Mark Barnhart

I currently work as an Insurance Agent for Nationwide Mutual Insurance

Company. I am responsible for presenting my quarterly sales information to my CFO,

office managers, lead business consultant, and customers. Typically my presentation

takes me weeks to plan and prepare. In order for my sales presentation to be successful I

have to keep in mind some key characteristics of my audience. While presenting complex

figures to my audience it is imperative that I keep my presentation and data simple

enough for the majority of my audience to comprehend. The CFO, office managers, and

business ...view middle of the document...

Employees also want to be aware of

the sales and growth of the Agency in which they work. I have found that downward

communication is a very important channel. Horizontal communication is also very

important to use during a sales presentation. I use this communication channel when I

am speaking to piers and co-workers that are on the same level as I am within the

Agency. Horizontal communication allows for quality feedback, common direction,

and shared goals.

There are several considerations that I must keep in mind given the diverse

background of my audience. Age plays a big factor when considering how to present a

sales briefing. Younger employees tend to like information presented to them in the form

of slides and PowerPoint presentations. Older audiences prefer information presented to

them in the form of handouts with fewer electronic slides. Generations will also have

different viewpoints on topics. Older employees sometimes feel that they have more

knowledge than the younger employees. When giving a presentation I try to always

show respect to my older audience while speaking to all of my audience as equals. The

audiences familiarity about the topic is also something that I try to keep in mind. I cannot

communicate effectively with my audience if I don’t recognize certain terminology that

will cause confusion amongst my audience. I have learned that when giving a sales

presentation it is very important that all of my audience understand my message.

The level of my audience’s education also plays a role when I am preparing to speak. I

Typically speak to my CEO and CFO in a different manner than in how I...

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