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Business Research Essay

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Business Research Ethics
University Of Phoenix



Instructor: Dr. Jay Deb

Workshop/ Week No.: 2

September 4, 2012

Business Research Ethics
“Many patients volunteer for research in the hope that the knowledge generated will benefit others. When a company deceives them into volunteering for a useless study, it cynically exploits their good will, undermining the cause of legitimate research everywhere (Elliot, 2011).” Last year, the Archives of Internal Medicine published a scornful re-evaluation of a 12-year-old research study of Neurontin. Neurontin is a seizure drug made by Pfizer. This particular research included more than 2,700 subjects and was ...view middle of the document...

Merck, another pharmaceutical company conducted the Advantage study which was a seeding trial for the pain reliever Vioxx. During this research study three subjects died and another five suffered heart attacks. According to Elliot the litigation documents showed that this study was conducted by Merck’s Marketing Department. How can studies that cause danger to human subjects draw so little attention? The answer is given to us by Elliot (2011). He says, “In an age of for-profit clinical research, this is the new face of scandal. Pharmaceutical companies promote their drugs with pseudo-studies that have little if any scientific merit, and patients naively sign up, unaware of the ways in which they are being used. Nobody really knows how often companies conduct such trials, but they appear with alarming regularity in pharmaceutical marketing documents.”
In the past most research studies were conducted in academic settings. Due to the costs of such studies, pharmaceutical companies realized that it would be faster and less expensive to conduct trials in a more private setting. The outcomes for these studies are not for knowledge but for profit.
This unethical approach to research studies should be identified and put to an end. Research subjects should be protected and acknowledged for their courage to partake in such studies not be forgotten. The main source of protection for research subjects is a patchwork system of ethics committees known as institutional review boards, or I.R.B.’s (Elliot,...

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