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Business Research Ethics Essay

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Running head: Business Research Ethics

Business Research Ethics
RES 351

Business Research Ethics
Occasionally, ethics may fall between the cracks. When ethics are not considered with the utmost importance, there are a variety of consequences an organization may suffer. Organizations must make sure that they adhere to the most paramount level of ethics in every aspect of business. It is important to consider how important ethics are to business research. This essay sets out to discuss an article in which an organization engaged in unethical business research. The ambition of this essay is to dissect this specific occurrence and highlight a few key ...view middle of the document...

Additionally, if it is proven that the pharmaceutical organization was indeed withholding research from developing countries, then the people suffering of influenza in these countries are being violated. Mass amounts of people suffering from the influenza may have been saved or made to be more confortable if the research which was conducted was privy to their knowledge. Regrettably, the injured parties (patients), would not be aware of possible reprieve and thus they continue to endure the horrible side effects of influenza.

This kind of unethical research behavior impacted the organization, the patients, and society (Zall, Moyer, Dawson & Curtis, 2003). The pharmaceutical organization accumulated a mass amount of funds and profits from selling the medicines only in developed countries. The revenue accumulated was unethical. Dr. Howard Johnson, the professor working with the pharmaceutical organization, was now entangled in an ethical dilemma. Dr. Johnson mulled over whether he should release and divulge the research work he conducted for developing countries to gain patients better services, or whether he should not release and divulge his research. Based on Dr. Johnson’s dilemma, society as a whole was victimized. The individuals within society that were afflicted with influenza were not contemplated when there was a demand to make some medications available to them to reduce and relieve cases of influenza. Unfortunately, the medications never made it to these patients and human death toll from influenza was higher than it should have been.

In this article, there was an adamant demand to do everything alleviate and resolve the unethical research behavior. The pharmaceutical organization involved in this...

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