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Business Statistics Essay

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Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy n‡PQ kix‡ii e¨ve‡”Q` (Surgery) we`¨v,hvnv kix‡ii wewfbœ A‡½i MVb cÖYvjx, Ae¯’vb, GKwUi mv‡_ Ab¨wUi m¤úK© GZØq mg‡›` we¯—vwiZ Av‡jvPbv Kiv nq †h Aa¨vq Zvnv‡K G¨vbvUwg ejv nq

Anatomy ‡K c‡Vi mywe`v‡©Z cÖavbZ wZbwU fv‡M fvM Kiv nq h_v t

1. Embryology
2. Systemic Anatomy
3. Regional Anatomy

kix‡ii †gŠwjK MVb Abyhvqx G¨vbvUwg‡K PviwU fv‡M fvM Kiv nq h_vt

1. Osteology (Skeletal System )
2. Myology (Muscular System)
3. Splanchnology (Viscera)
4. Neurology (nervous System)

Animal cell

Def: cell is the structural and functional unit of the Human body.

†Kvl ev †mj n‡jv †`n MV‡bi GK¨vK we‡kl (BDwbU)

‡Kvl ...view middle of the document...

Lv`¨vw` MÖnY I nRg (ingestion & assimilation) Intestinal Fluid & Intracellular Fluid GB `yB wUi g‡a¨ Osmosis cÖwµqv Øviv‡h Av`vb cÖ`vb nq Zvi gva¨‡g GB ‡mj ¸wj Zv‡`i cÖ‡qvRbxq Amino-acid, salts cÖf„wZ Lv`¨ Mªnb K‡i I cwiZ¨vR¨ Ask Z¨vM K‡i|
2. Growth and Repair
3. Metabolism
4. Respiration
5. Excretion
6. Irritability and conductivity
7. Reproduction

Tissue ev Kjv Kvnv‡K e‡j KZ cÖKvi I wK wK
Tissue ev Kjv n‡jv GKB ai‡bi ‡Kvl GKB RvqMv nB‡Z DrcwË jvf Kwiqv hLb GKB ai‡bi Kv‡R Ask MÖnY K‡i ZLb †mB †Kv‡li mgwó †K Kjv ev Tissue e‡j|

Tissue ev Kjv †K Pvi fv‡M fvM Kiv nq h_v
1. Epithelium Tissue AveiYx Kjv
2. Connective Tissue †hvRK Kjv
3. Muscular Tissue †ckx Kjv
4. Nervous Tissue øvqy RvZxq Kjv

Anatomy †K KZ fv‡M fvM Kiv nq I wK wK
G¨vbvUgx †K cv‡Vi mwe`v‡_© †gvU wZbwU fv‡M fvM Kiv nq h_vt

1. Embryology
2. Systemic Anatomy
3. Regional Anatomy

kix‡ii †gŠwjK MVb Abyhvqx G¨vbvUgx †K KZ fv‡M fvM Kiv nq
kix‡ii †gŠwjK MVb Abyhvqx G¨vbvUgx †K K‡qKwU fv‡M fvM Kiv nq h_vt

1. Osteology (Bone)
2. Myology (muscle)
3. Splanchnology (viscera)
4. Neurology (nerve)

Muscular Tissue Kvnv‡K e‡j Bnv KZ cÖKvi I wK wK
GwU GKwU we‡kl Rv‡Zi wUmy| G‡`i we‡kl ms‡KvPb I cÖmvi‡bi ¶gZv Av‡Q| A‡bK ¸wj miy miy †Kvl ev Fiber GKwÎZ n‡q GB me Muscle ‰Zix nq
Muscular Tissue †K `yB fv‡M fvM Kiv nq| Gi eY©bv Kiv nq G¨vbvUgxi †h As‡k Zvnvi bvg Myology

1. Striped muscle BPQvaxb †ck
2. Unstriped muscle A‰bwPQK †ckx

Myology †K wfwebœ fv‡M fvM Kiv nq

1. Deltoid †ckx AvKvi Abyhvqx
2. Flexor, Extensor, pronator KvR Abyhvqx
3. Sterno mastoid, Intercostal †h †h nv‡oi m‡O AvU‡K _v‡K Zv‡`i bvg Abyhvqx |
4. Pectoralis major, Rectus Abdominis Ae¯—vb Abyhvqx |

Ae¯—vb Abyhvqx Muscle †K wZb fv‡M fvM Kiv nq h_vt

1. Voluntary Muscle Hw”QK ‡ckx
2. Involuntary Muscle A‰bw”QK †ckx
3. Cardiac Muscle we‡kl ai‡bi †ckx


Nephron is a structural and functional unit of the kidney

What is the Neuron?

it is the structural and functional unit of the nervous system

G¸wj gw¯—‡¯‹i m‡½ hy³ I e©vZv cwien‡bi KvR K‡i gw¯—‡¯‹ †`‡ni me e©vZv †cŠQvq GK ai‡bi bvf© Zvi bvg Sensory Nerves Avei gw¯—‡¯‹i e©vZv †ckx‡Z †cŠQvq GK ai‡bi bf© Zvi bvg Motor Nerves.

Nerves Cell Gi MVb mg~n wb‡b¥ Av‡jvPbv Kiv n‡jv h_vt

Nerves Cell ev Zš‘ we‡kl fv‡e ˆZix GKwU Nerves Cell Gi m‡½ _v‡K GKwU Nucleus Zvi m‡½ _v‡K mi“ mi“ ARmª Zš‘ ev Dendrites
Nerve Cell Gi m‡½ _v‡K GKwU Nerve fiber GB Nerve fiber Gi †K‡›`ª _v‡K GKwU j¤^v bvjx ev Axon.
GB Axone Gi Pvi cv‡k GKwU AveiY w`‡q †gvov _v‡K hvi bvg Neurilemma, GB `yBwUi gv‡S _v‡K GKwU Aveib ev Medulary Sheath

Brain ev gw¯—¯‹‡K KZ fv‡M fvM Kiv nq

Brain ev gw¯—¯‹‡K cÖavbZ wZbwU fv‡M fvM Kiv nq h_vt

1. Fore brain e„nr gw¯—¯‹ ev †mwieªvg
2. Mid brain ga¨ gw¯—¯‹-‡`‡ni A‡bK wµqvmg~‡ni g~j †K›`
3. Hyend brain †cP‡bi gw¯—¯‹ Gi `yBwU Ask

a. Ceribelum...

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