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Business Structure Essay

2330 words - 10 pages

Induction Program For New Faculty members at BITS-Pilani
Project report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of degree of

Collaboration program with BITS, Pilani

Shreyash Pandey (2014H149260P) Prateek Goel (2014H149259P) Bhumica (2014H149269P) Mohammad Mushir khan (2014H149250P) Swati Panjwani (2014H149266P)

Under the guidance of

Dr. R. Raghunathan


Table of Contents
AREAS TO BE COVERED IN THE INDUCTION PROGRAM .......................................................... 1 ORIENTATION PLAN ...view middle of the document...

.............................................................................................. 12 Emergency contact Details form ..................................................................................................... 13

INDUCTION EVALUATION AND FEEDBACK FORM ................................................................... 14

1. Introduction to the Institute: a. A brief history about BITS-Pilani b. Mission and vision of the institute c. Organization structure d. Information about various campuses in India and abroad. 2. Policies and Procedures: a. Disciplinary and safety policies b. UGC Guidelines c. Vacations and holidays d. Grievances redressal policy e. Identification Badges f. Leaves of absence (Sickness, Educational, maternity/ paternity, personal) g. Promotions h. Trainings 3. Overview of Benefits and Services a. Insurance b. Retirements c. Accommodation d. Recreational Activities e. Suggestion system 4. Compensation a. Pay scale and paydays b. Holiday Pay c. When and how paid 5. Safety Information a. Relevant policies and procedures b. Fire protection c. First aid facilities d. Information regarding other medical services 6. Physical Facilities a. Institute layout b. Entrances and Exits c. Faculty quarters d. Cafeteria e. SAC f. Academic blocks, etc 7. Introduction to co-workers a. Introduction to co-workers and other appropriate personnel 8. Job Roles and Responsibility a. Job and responsibilities b. Timetable c. Course curriculum d. Examination pattern

Page 1

e. Marking scheme followed in the institute f. Secondary duties like occasionally filling in for a colleague or administrative work. g. Research and study 9. Completion of various Documents a. Emergency information b. Payroll withholding c. Other appropriate documents

Newly hired faculty members will be required to attend an orientation plan to know about the institute, job functions, duties, rules and procedures, various employment benefits and any additional information about the institute. Following is an outline to provide the day wise details of the orientation program. Day One:     General overview of the Institute’s history, scope, and future plans. Opportunities for the new faculty members to contribute to the overall growth of the Institute. Primary Job Functions (including course curriculum, examination pattern and marking scheme followed in the institute), operational timings of the Institute including breaks, lunch periods. Completion of joining formalities (document work).

Day Two:      Information about the secondary duties like occasionally filling in for a colleague or administrative work. UGC Guidelines related to research and study Organization of the campus buildings and main blocks, facilities, parking spaces, etc. Meeting with seniors members of the department, institute’s management. Quality measures to be followed, safety procedures and regulations...

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