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Bussiness Ethics Essay

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Business Ethics and Employment

Business Ethics and Employment
Every business needs to have moral guidelines that govern its operations. These moral guidelines are referred to as ethics. Businesses have an obligation to behave ethically, that is, doing what is morally right. Behaving ethically in the business environment is widely considered to be a good business practice. Werhane (2015) sums it when she says “being good is good business.” Ethics in business cover almost every aspect of business for example, in finances, in handling customers, in waste disposal and also in staff recruitment. This paper will discuss why discrimination in hiring, retaining ...view middle of the document...

Affirmative action was developed as result of a lot of discrimination in hiring of employees which was as a result of three factors. The first factor is psychological; discrimination in the hiring process can be a subconscious reaction to moral values, likes and dislikes, race and the need for one to associate with people who are similar (147). This means that people have a tendency to want to associate or want the company of people who are similar to them. This explains the reason as to why one race prefers to work with people of the same race and gender at the exclusion of other races and gender. For example, if a work place is dominated by one race or gender, the hiring tendency might favor the people from that race. If a company is dominated by white male people, psychologically it might want to maintain a hiring policy that favors white male men. In such a case, a black or Latino male might find it extremely difficult to get employed in such a firm. If such a person attended an interview with a white male in competing for the same position in such a firm, psychologically the firm might want to hire the white male. This is why affirmative action was created to improve work place diversity. From a business ethics perspective, a business should embrace staff diversity whether or not affirmative action policies exist. This is because if a firm hires a diverse work force it does so because it is morally the right thing to do. A business would be seen to be doing the right thing without being monitored by the department of labor.
Another reason that has in the past caused businesses to employ unethical hiring practices is because human beings do not always like change. When a position for hiring or promotion arises, the decision as who to hire or promote is analyzed cautiously. This because the person responsible does not want to make a wrong decision and hence they choose to stick with what is known and trusted rather than try something new (148). This basically means that hiring a woman or a black man for a position that has previously been held by a white male person might be viewed as a serious risk to take. What is ethically wrong with this line of thought is that the people of other genders and race are equally as capable, if not more capable. A business has a moral obligation to look for this capabilities in all people whether male or female and irregardless of race. This process starts when a business decides it will do the morally right thing and hire people from a diverse background.
The society has also been responsible for discriminating people based on stereotypes. This is especially the case in the media, which portrays certain groups as hardworking while portraying others as lazy and not capable (O’Boyle and Sandona, 2014). The problem with stereotypes is that they tend to stress more on the negative aspects of a group of people, based on the fact that some of its member’s posses those negative attributes. It is human nature...

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