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Why I want to become a registered nurse by FAGOYE

Not unlike many people, I have had my share of challenges during my lifetime. Not unlike many people, I have had many successes as well. And, just as many people, my goals and dreams have changed as the days and years of my life have gone by. I find myself right now working towards one of my long time goals and getting close to the fulfillment of that goal. I would not call it a dream because that is something merely wished for or thought about but not tangible. I am going to become a registered nurse.

Currently, I am completing a degree in public health. That is one of my short term goals. And it is going to be reality very soon. However. I have another, more important, ...view middle of the document...

But, I believe that by becoming a registered nurse, I can play a crucial role in the health of the public.

Public health, after all, encompasses not just the absence of disease, but a state of well-being in the society. It incorporates interdisciplinary approaches and sub-fields of behavioral health, environmental health, public policy and more. I want to contribute my part by becoming a public health surveillance nurse, after completing my course to become a registered nurse.

It is much too simplistic to say that “I want to help people.” With few exceptions, everyone wants to “help people.” The choice I have made is to help in a particular way.

I have the confidence and perseverance to make my goals my reality. Upon being admitted to the nursing program, I intend to give everything I have to being an outstanding nursing student, and eventually a nurse. This is not a whim, nor a last minute decision that I have made. Becoming a registered nurse is a long thought out product of my inner wishes and hopes for a fulfilling career in the area of public health.

Many people have asked me the age-old question, “Why don’t you just become a doctor? Couldn’t you get into medical school?” In my mind, it is not about that. I could have chosen medical school. But, that is not nursing. It does not conjure up in me the personal feelings of care and personalized attention that mind wraps around when I think of nursing.

I have no doubts about my choice. I have no doubts that my nursing career is well settled in my future. My goals are firmly in front of me and I will attain them. This short essay is only a small window into who I am and what I am about. But, I believe it tells the true story of my quest to enter nurse’s training.

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