Cadbury Advertising Essay

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MKT 3151
Creative Advertising & Promotion
Coursework 2

STUDENT NAME: Shaun Joseph Chakramakil
MODULE LEADER: Dr.Shing-Wan Chang
Company Name: Cadbury

This report aims to portray an advertisement campaign for Cadbury, a brand owned and sold by Mondelez International. This gives out a range of means for Mondelez to meet below mentioned objectives with promotions running from 1st July 2016 to 30th June 2017, with a budget constraint to £2 Million.
This report discusses a collaborative marketing strategy which can be employed by Cadbury, where the company can collaborate with Virgin Galactic LLC, who delivers ...view middle of the document...

Section 1.1 Objectives of the sales promotional campaign:

Primary objective of this promotional campaign will be based on AIDA model, which can be expanded as Awareness: The capability of the campaign to grab consumer attention, Interest: The capacity of the campaign to grab consumer interests by highlighting benefits and advantages of choosing Cadbury, Desire: ways in which the advertisement persuades the consumers that choosing Cadbury will satisfy them and Action: Is leading the consumers to buy the product (Boundless, 2015). This is the ultimate goal of the entire campaign. As far as Cadbury is concerned, the primary action objectives of the sales promotion discussed in this report would be to increase repeat purchases, Widen the number of people opting to buy Cadbury over the products of competitors, Promote awareness and interest. According to (Richardson, 2016) collaborative marketing is one of the most cost efficient means to attract new audience. Cadbury being the most favorited chocolate brand in the UK (Bloomberg, 2016), would require themselves to stay in that position. This campaign is designed to increase their sales and retaining their position as Britain’s favourite by increasing customer retention.

Section 1.2 Customers to be targeted (B2C, B2B or B2C+B2B):

This campaign will primarily target customers directly on a B2C basis. However, promotional strategies would require certain B2B activities such as setting up promotional counters at shopping malls, shelf space advertising, etc. This makes this campaign to be a combination endeavour (B2C+B2B)
Research by Mintel indicates that 8 million people in the UK eat chocolates every day. Chocolate lovers are mostly youngsters aged between 25-35 years of age. Whereas 26% of Londoners consume chocolate on an everyday basis i.e., 2,220,140 people every single day (Mintel, 2014). There is also an almost equal consumption pattern in demographics, accounting to 16% of men and 15% of women. So, the target customers of this campaign will be these customers from 25-35 year old Londoners who have moderate education and income status. There already is a huge line up of celebrities who have already purchased the tickets including Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie, Ashton Kutcher, Justin Bieber, Leonardo Di Caprio, Lady Gaga, etc (Lee, 2013). The wide fan base of these celebrities can capture interest of the target market in the campaign. The posters and online related articles should be promoted with effective use of hashtags such as #SpaceHoliday, etc as shown in appendix 2. Hashtags has to be campaign specific and about the trending topic. Strategically implementing hashtags will amplify the brand, expand the content reach, get the content found online easily, improve SEO ratings, etc (Wishpond, 2013).

Promotion will be widely advertised using social media platforms. This involves creating and managing social media pages which are especially dedicated to the promotion....

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