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Cambodia: Agriculture Productivity Improvement Project
The project objective is to bring about sustainable improvements in agricultural productivity and rural incomes. This is to be achieved through acquisition of essential knowledge, technology testing and adaptation, field development activities, rehabilitation investment and retraining and human resource management in the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
The objective of the animal health and production component is to promote development of private veterinary services in order to make significant and sustainable reductions in livestock mortality and morbidity.

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Organizations and people
New social and political stability following the elections in 1998 provides a renewed opportunity for economic development. Inadequate institutional capacity, however, might endanger the success of the project. The Department of Animal Health and Production (DAHP) and provincial offices of animal health and production (OAHP) have the potential to take responsibility for project activities if adequate support is provided. DAHP has limited transport and insufficient skilled personnel in its central and provincial offices. Its budget is mostly expended in operating inefficient livestock farms and in paying salaries. The National Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory has the potential to provide an effective nationwide service and to establish a national animal health and production investigation centre. Additional financial support, however, is needed for expanding and strengthening such services. |
Planned | | Achieved |
To strengthen the institutional capacity of and to provide technical assistance to DAHP, improve the four OAHPs and upgrade or construct 14 district offices, each with a vaccine storage room, office furniture and telecommunications equipment.To provide 61 training courses for central, provincial and district staff in veterinary services, extension, planning, management and administration.To reorganize and strengthen NAHPIC. |   | Capacity-building has started.Measures to improve the technical and management capacity of DAHP and OAHP staff are being undertaken. Seven OAHP provincial disease teams have been trained in parasitology, haematology and serology diagnostic techniques.NAHPIC has been reorganized to provide diagnostic support to provincial diagnostic laboratories. |
Livestock feeding
Animal feed is mainly based on scraps and by-products. Cattle graze the stubble of wet season rice and are fed on rice straw. Ruminant feed generally lacks energy; in the dry season it is also deficient in protein. Poor-quality feed leads to poor animal condition at the end of the dry season, which in turn reduces draught-power productivity and slows the reproductive cycle. The major feed for pigs is rice bran and scraps.Adapted fodder legumes have been identified and seed is available; the German Agency for Technical Cooperation and the Cambodia Australia Agricultural Extension Project (CAAEP) have established them in common grazing areas. Concentrate feeds and protein sources other than rice bran are increasingly available; effective use of them requires further promotion, however.  |
Planned | | Achieved |
To provide funds for the purchase of fodder-crop seeds and materials, adaptive trials and demonstration plots. | | Four forage demonstration plots have been established, from which forage seedlings are being distributed to farmers in collaboration with CAAEP. Leucaena demonstration forage hedges have been planted in two locations. |
Animal husbandry
Livestock in Cambodia are used for cash income,...

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