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The litigious climate in which PR professionals work means that any case, civil or criminal, can draw media attention. Normal involvement with law for PR professional falls into three general areas: normal legal exposure rthat may business has, work- oriented exposure (or something peculiar to the client's or organization's business) and extraneous legal exposure(such as testifying as an expertiutries ). What would the legal environment of a global PR practice look like? How could a global PR practice protect itself and it's employmer from litilgation aboard?
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To work globally you must be familiar with laws in all of the countries in which you are working from, legal council is available. That is it may not fall under the client/attorney privilage that keep rthem from being public. This is simpily having a attorney review any documents specific in advice no protection from having the documents made public. The exposure are normal:civil, criminal laws that apply to all worked -oriented laws auchas, publicity, promotions a handling of crisis. Extraneous laws that may affect some PR activties expert witness testimony, corporate political contrbutions, lobbying activities.
The litigation increasees potential for any legal action to attract attention toward the organizatrions. Use of manipuation of news and information media to advance positions of parties in civil lawsuits that may occur, promotions efforts made for trail lawyers to attract new clients for class action litigation sometimes called litigation PR. The legal principles the law always overpower the desires and direction of clients counsel confidential but not from spending money on advertizing or promotion that allows the public to education information. Some of the issues that the practitioner gas to deal with watching for in making in work for hire and when the work belongs to the creator. The pracitioners have to be on point all the time because of the conspiracy charges that might occur against them, and the legal cases some might be big and interest and testimony.

This is PR: The realities of Public Relations 11th ed

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