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Campaign Analysis

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Assignment II – Advertising campaign analysis

“Chanel N˚5, Inevitable.”

The Advertising campaign for Chanel N˚5, released on October 15th, 2012, had for the fist time a man as its spokes model: no more, no less than Brad Pitt. The choice created a lot of noise regarding the price of this commercial (around 7 million dollars just for Brad Pitt) in connection to its potential impact.

It is a 35 seconds commercial that has Brad Pitt speaking in a poetic and sensual approach; he talks, in low pitch voice about journeys, plans and dreams as things that pass, but Chanel stays, wherever he goes, relating the product as his luck, his fate and his fortune.

Target Audience

Chanel N˚5 ...view middle of the document...

The commandments were also followed by using very clear language, speaking about the journey, about the audience, not about the company. In the end, when he says “Chanel number five: inevitable”, he brings, in a metaphorical way, the women to action; in other words stating that everywoman should have it. The commandments about the contact is also followed once there isn’t really the need for stating it in an advertisement; they also don’t try to use humour and also they don’t try to sell through sex, even though they have a sensual approach through the way Brad Pitt speaks.

Channels Used

The channel that Chanel used mostly was the Television, but also the Internet, Billboards and the Print. In my opinion the right channels for this partnership between Chanel and Brad Pitt were well chosen, although the Black and White video was seen as “not fitting” to the brand by many. But the television is still the most effective channel; so, they made sure that this commercial will reach their target audience. I also believe that the printed advertisements in magazines, billboards, airports and other channels could be very successful because of Brad Pitt’s fame and because of the way he looks, which in my opinion fits the brand...

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