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Can A Teacher's (Or Parent's) Deomcratic Reight To Know Ever Over Ride A Child's Right To Privacy?

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Can a teacher’s (or parent’s) democratic right to know ever over-ride a child’s right to privacy?

Fundamental to democracy is the right of the people to know.
Democracy dictates that all citizens have a right to be fully informed, and thus have a right to know - this applies equally to children as to adults. However, counterbalancing the democratic right to know is the right to privacy. It is here that conflict arises – at what stage does the right to know override the right to privacy?
The concept of privacy needs to be considered in five key areas – bodily observation (what we observe of others), bodily space (that which concerns our personal body), property (that which we own), ...view middle of the document...

Thoughts, feelings and communication are areas of privacy linked to individual choice, and personal emotions. These should only be exposed at the will of the individual. This invasion of privacy is undertaken purely in the interests of accessing the psychological processes through which learners acquire new knowledge. These need to be revealed in order for teachers to assess learning, as well as to judge how best to guide the student through the next learning phases and further the moral education of the child.
Balance must be maintained between the student’s right to privacy, and the need for information to be shared amongst whom. There is often a justifiable need for private information specific to a student who may require extra support or alternative approaches to handling situations that occur during the course of the day to be shared amongst professionals. If appropriate and relevant information is shared, unnecessary fallout may be prevented, and effective support mechanisms may be put in place to support students rather than coming down...

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