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Joshua Ezewuxie
Candide set 2

* In the beginning of chapter the 12, the old women continues her story about the eunuch who attempted to rape her but enjoyed his company for the time being. In her thoughts of suicide she never mentioned a religious reason for not committing suicide but for the simple fact she loved life. “I have been a hundred times upon the point of killing myself, but still I was fond of life.” The satire I see in here, is how Voltaire uses the story of her life to explain her misery compared to the few people she knew who ended their misery on their own. Her philosophy explained her curiosity as to what makes the people want to live even though life is ...view middle of the document...

“Candide, however, had one advantage over Martin: he lived in the pleasing hopes of seeing Miss Cunegund once more.” As martin continues with his negativity about the world and God, Candid still believes there is some good in this world and there is hope. The negativity Martin has for the world and God is quite understandable for as the chapter explains his situation as man who has nothing left “Whereas the poor philosopher had nothing to hope for. Between the two, it is evident how the hope of something keeps one pushing forward through misery compare to one who has nothing.

6. The two People Candide needs to rescue who he thought were dead is Baron and Pangloss. After Candide stabbed him and his wound healed, the Spanish troops attacked him and locked him up in Buenos Aires. Eventually the baron returned back to Rome to searve his Jesuit order but got sent to the galleys for staking a bath with a young Turkish man. Pangloss survived because the executioner who was to hang him was vey inexperienced in hanngings and made the noose bad enough for Pangloss to survive. The hypocritical value Baron is holding on to in the end of chapter 29, is that even though Candide ransomed him, as long as baron lives he will not allow his sister to marry Candide. He tells Candide “Thou mayest kill me again, but thou shalt not marry my sister while I am living.’ Candide is upset with Barons decision because he rescued him but still feeling some type of way bout candid marrying Cunegonde. “Have I not delivered thee from the galleys, paid thy ransom,”


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