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Capital Punishment Essay

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Capital Punishment
Shiako King
Leadership and Ethics in Healthcare

Capital Punishment
Dear Governor,
How are we suppose to live up to the second amendment standards, thou shall not kill if we take actions into our own hands and kill someone who is convicted of a crime? This is a bad way to tell society to love thou brother and sister and do not judge no matter what. Capital punishment supposed to be deterrence for the people to notice what will happen to them if they do something very bad to harm or endanger someone (Thiroux & Krasemann 2012). The problem with that is no one does capital punishment out in ...view middle of the document...

The Utilitarian theory states all punishment should bring good order and a good outcome for everyone (Thiroux,, 2012). If we go with this theory the good outcome is to give this person a chance for rehibilitaion. Even though they are not getting out of jail or they do not make parole they can help themselves. Making them suffer in jail is worse than killing them and getting it over with. Taking a human life goes agains the value of life principle (Thiroux,, 2012). We can punish them with out killing them. We should not kill another human being to satisfy our needs. Kill a murderer is not going to bring back the person they killed this is only killing out of revnge. The biggest problem we have in capital punishment is the restitution theory , the families of the victims think that this will make them feel better lf the person who cause their loved ones harm get the same treatment or something worse than what happened to them (Thiroux,, 2012). This theory is basically to make someone else feel better in a violent situation. There is nothing we can do about our falling Angel’s besides letting god deal with the ones who think they can take them away we just have to let him deal with it and forgive but we do not have to forget.

Thank You,
Concerned Citizen

Thiroux, J., Krasemann, K. (2012). Ethics theory and practice 11th edition. Vitalsource ebook for Kaplan University.

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