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Capstone Essay

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Dealing with a career and family while attending school has been difficult. With this I think that Axia College and its instructors have provided plenty of help, information, and tools to help their students be successful.
Before I began at Axia my thoughts about distant learning were unclear. I had no idea what to expect because I had not taken an online course before. Although I had not taken an online course before, now that I am in this course I can see how this type of ...view middle of the document...

Because of this I would only have my memory to remember what was discussed in the class. By being in a distant learning environment it seems easier because all the discussion topics are in the forums so if I forget or miss any important information I can easily look it up and reread it.
What I have learned through this course is that I have learned how to focus differently. I have learned that regardless of what type of environment I am in, a traditional classroom or distant learning environment I have to push away the distractions as I have in this distant learning environment. Also, to be more productive I have to be more focus and stay on track of everything that I do. I choose this as an important lesson because I have had a difficult time staying focused in school and in this course I have learned how to be more productive and focused.  
In the type of job that I have being productive and focused are skills that I have always had to acquire, but applying them outside of my job has been a learning process, which I now believe I have been quite successful at. This lesson that I have learned in this course will help me in completing my program by making sure that I plan accordingly, am productive with my time and stay focused on what I need to do.

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