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Career Essay

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What is Career Planning?

Career planning consists of activities and actions that you take to achieve your individual career goals. Career planning is the ongoing process where you:

Explore your interests and abilities;

Strategically plan your career goals; and

Create your future work success by designing learning and action plans to help you achieve your goals.

Who's Responsible for Planning Your Career?

You have the lead responsibility for planning your career. Supervisors, managers, and your agency can provide you with meaningful assistance in this process.

The following are examples of career planning actions:

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Work with your supervisor to identify on-the-job learning and training opportunities, continued education, and/or avenues for professional development.


Identify the job-related knowledge, skills, abilities, competencies and experience that employees need to be effective in their positions.

Help employees define short and long-term development needs that support agency objectives and employee career goals.

Support “Employee Development Plans” by indicating specific steps that need to be taken and by whom to accomplish the learning goals.


Provide a job and compensation structure that supports the agency's goals and allows for individual development and growth.

Provide time and available funding for development activities.

Utilize the knowledge, skills and abilities of each employee to support agency objectives and meet future staffing needs.

Keep in mind that factors outside of the employee and agency's control may affect the outcome of career actions. But one thing is true – it is important to perform well in one's current position. Consistent, high quality performance, along with thoughtful career planning, will help ensure continued career success.

Overall, career development involves being aware of one's personal goals and values as well as work goals. It involves continuously learning and applying new knowledge, taking advantage of opportunities, and taking risks in order to help the agency be productive and effective while achieving one's career and personal goals.

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