Career Development Plan Part 1 – Job Analysis And Selection

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With the recent merger of InterClean with EnviroTech the strategic direction of the company is changing. InterClean no longer plans to focus only on selling cleaning products, but will now add to its service line the ability to provide full service cleaning solutions for health care facilities. In order to prepare for this new product line it is critical to evaluate the type of employees needed to implement the strategic change. The success of the sales department ...view middle of the document...

Each of these will be outlined in this report.
The job analysis for the new sales positions focuses specifically on the tasks required to be completed in the position and the characteristics of the employees to be selected. Several methods can be used to order to create a job analysis that will ultimately create a total picture of the demands of the job; Job performance, observation, interview, critical incidents, and structured questionnaires. For this job analysis, observation, interviews, and structured questionnaire methods were used to determine the essential and non-essential functions and tasks needed in for the sales position.
The observation method included watching the current sales staff at both InterClean and the former EnviroTech doing the current job. Observations were done both with and without the employee’s direct knowledge of the observation at that time. Feedback from observing and listening to phone skills, presentations (orally and written), negotiation sessions, and service calls was included as part of the analysis. Existing staff and managers were also interviewed with a...

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