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Module 4 Case Response
Consider the Exporting Pollution case in answering the following questions. How important is caring for the environment compared to profit and economic expansion? Are they equally important, or is one of them more important than the other? Who bears the responsibility for setting environmental policy? (Government, Corporations, Citizens, some other party?) Do businesses have a responsibility to protect the environment above ...view middle of the document...

Comparing profit and economic expansion, caring for the environment is important because environmental damage can undermine economic productivity. It also causes poverty because some people live at a lower level than others. If environmental controls grow slowly, then not many people will be taken out of poverty by economic development. It seems to be that the government; as well as corporations play a major part with the responsibility for setting the environmental policy. It is proven that one in ten of the area’s factory workers had a low blood cell count, a possible precursor to leukemia. Also infant mortality is 10 percent higher there than in the region as a whole, there have nearly been 13,000 cases of respiratory disease were reported in a recent year as well. Businesses do have responsibility to protect the environment above what is required by law because the fumes and toxins that they release into the air are killing their families and friends, they should try to use eco-friendly machines to make the products in which they need to keep their environment as clean as possible.

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