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Case Study 1 Ihrm

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Tex Mark had positioned themselves quite well in the manufacturing industry of printer and optical scanner by being highly successful when it came to patents that where coupled with good engineering performance, an excellent sales staff, and used a cost-sensitive approach to pricing and production. As part of Tex Mark expansion efforts they divided work between their San Antonio’s headquarters ‘office and proceeded to move product development, sales and distribution to various location throughout the globe in which they had offices located such as Hong Kong, Brazil, Australia, France and Israel. Tex Mark sends employees to these locations to carry out engineering assignments. Tex Mark had implemented a pre-departure program for training and development that is to be successfully completed before any employee is to leave for their expatriate duties. The program is to ensure that the expatriates are capable of handling their human resource functions, managing cross cultural issues, and the ability to implement a number of programs while on assignment (Peter J. Dowling, 2009). The training program ultimately failed.
Tex Mark had hired Eric Christopher who had worked for the company for the past five years as Associate Director of Global HR Development. He had not been having a good start for his day when he was stuck in traffic and had a very important meeting with a repatriate who wasn’t happy about an assignment that was to only be eighteen months but turned into a 3 year assignment. And he was also upset that he was promised a certain position upon his return to San Antonio that was given to someone else. Eric had graduated from college with a major in History and a minor in Spanish. He could speak over four languages fluently and had traveled to many countries over the years spending time learning their cultures and getting familiar with the different business practices. Eric is currently enrolled in school to help further his education that will enhance his global business expertise and language skills.
As stated in a debriefing report by Fred Banks the employee that was sent to Mexico and India for the eighteen month assignment that turned into 3 year assignment there were problems with the training program. The problems stemmed from cross cultural differences involving relationships of employees within the company and the cross cultural difference within the company itself. Tex Mark had failed because as a direct result of the longer stay they spent and wasted significant amounts of money. It was proof that they hadn’t properly planned ahead of time to avoid the longer stay for Fred and his team (Peter J. Dowling, 2009).
Tex Mark’s Vice President of the Human Resources Department Juanita Roberto wants to implement a plan of action that is cost effective. Her plan is to dump the training program completely and set specific time frames for assignments to be completed. The problem is that this solution stalls...

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