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Case Study Arc Solutions Provides A Centrally Controlled Operator Center Solution To Heffernan Group

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Case Study
Arc Solutions Provides a centrally controlled operator center solution to Heffernan Group

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The Challenges With an overall emphasis on customer service excellence, communication both internally and with customers has always been a key element to the success of the company. Whilst effective, this solution was not ideal as the company’s main aim was to ensure that all customers were dealt with personally by the operators. Having separate telephone systems serving each site also provided challenges, with the infrastructure being inflexible and a high systems management overhead. It also meant that operators had to be deployed to cope with the incoming traffic ...view middle of the document...

Now, with 11 branch offices and 400 staff, Heffernan’s reach spans almost every industry.

every call, every time is answered by a friendly human voice
John Petersen, CIO of Heffernan Group

Case Study
additional functionality was still required in order to deal with customer calls. The Solution Arc Solutions was chosen by Heffernan to provide this additional functionality, due to its pedigree in being the provider of choice for operator solutions, designed exclusively to integrate to Cisco Unified Communications platforms. Arc was able to provide a centrally controlled operator centre solution, delivering a software based switchboard capability to 8 operators across Heffernan’s offices. The Results The delivery of the Arc solutions proved to bring great benefit to customers, the 400 employees, their managers and the front line operator staff. Firstly, the system allowed ‘virtualization’, thus sharing the load of call answering across sites. This meant that personnel resources could be used more efficiently, the automated system was no longer required, and call waiting times were lowered. This virtual concept has increased flexibility in branch opening hours, with callers being seamlessly transferred to other operators.

s o l u t i o n s

Arc’s ability to label call queues has ensured that operators provide the correct local branch greeting, wherever the call is answered. Visibility of staff availability had always been an issue with the previous system, with many calls failing to reach the right person first time, and voicemail being a common destination. With the combinations of Cisco’s networking and Arc’s advanced integration to the Cisco platform, operators can instantly access information relating to staff availability via the operator console directory. Arc Presence has also been deployed, enabling key staff to set their status via their Cisco telephone. Options such as ‘on vacation’ and ‘do not disturb’ all add to the rich layer of information that Heffernan’s operators now have at their disposal. This contact information is also complemented by the addition of ‘notes’ against individual’s names, and also alternate contacts, should they be...

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