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Case Study Critique Appendix C

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What are some possible reasons caseworkers were not aware of the conditions in the Jackson home?

I would have to say for one thing is that they just did not care what was going on, The case workers were at the house and seen that there was no food in the refrigerator nor electric, this should have been a sign that there was something wrong, especially if there is a 19 year old male that does not look fit! If the children had eating disorders then the foster parents should have brought this to the attention of the proper authorities. The bruises that the nurse found on Bruce’s body should have been reported by the nurse, but since they were not then the case workers had no idea what ...view middle of the document...

Could this situation have been prevented? If so, how? If not, why?
This whole situation could have been prevented if the nine case workers would have done their jobs from the beginning. If the nurse had reported his/her findings at the time of the incident there may have been a proper investigation into the conditions of the house-hold.

Appendix C

Case Study

In October of 2003, investigators, alerted by a neighbor who saw a child searching through trash cans, found four undernourished males in the Jackson home. Three other children residing in the home appeared to be physically normal. At this time, all seven children were removed from the Jackson home and placed under the care of the state child welfare agency. Their mother and father, Vanessa and Raymond Jackson, faced charges of aggravated assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

The four malnourished males, Michael, 9, Tyrone, 10, Keith, 14, and Bruce, 19, all entered the Jackson home between 1991 and 1997. In 2003, when all four males were removed from the home, they weighed a combined 136 pounds. Bruce, the male who had been seen eating out of a trash can, was 19 years old and weighed only 45 pounds. Investigators found that of the four adopted males, five biological children, and three other girls (two adopted and one foster child), that lived in the Jackson home, only the four adopted males were in poor physical condition. The Jackson parents and biological children contended that the four adopted males had eating disorders. The four adopted males reported that they were only fed meager amounts of food while the other children in the household were fed regularly.

The Jackson children were home schooled and the family regularly attended a local church. Neighbors reported that the males seemed small and rarely came out of the house. Some neighbors stated they had considered calling authorities earlier but did not feel they knew enough about the situation. In addition, the Jackson parents received an annual state subsidy around $28,000 for the care of their four adopted sons.

As investigation on the case progressed, it was found that caseworkers visited the Jackson home 38 times in four years. Division of Youth and Family Services caseworkers visited the home once a month for two years to determine if the Jackson family was fit to adopt a 10-year-old foster daughter. The adopted males reported that caseworkers visited the house during a five-month period when power was turned off, that at one time a caseworker prayed with the family for financial relief to have the utilities turned back on, and at times a caseworker was there when the refrigerator contained nothing but butter and condiments.

Various levels of social service staff either visited the Jackson home or were involved in the case, including two Division of Youth and Family Services supervisors, a foster-home evaluator, three caseworkers, and a licensing inspector. None of these...

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