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Case Study Data Breaches And Regulatory Requirements

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The area where the computers are, there are minimal supervision one guard and one civilian overseeing all inmates in the industrial shop. There are a total of 24 inmates that have access to the network the inmates have pass codes to access the IT system. The network was used to track invoices and billing for correctional industries contracts. The inmates were able to access the main offender management data system CORIS, Corrections Offender Records and Information System, the data base system was used to store and manage all correctional facility records addresses, contact information for prison staff members, sentencing, parole dates, status history, risk profile, treatment, and tracking.
How the breach happened was the inmates connected a single wire to that of a staff members computer once in inmates could possibly alter parole dates, sentencing information, view personally identifiable information, information on staff members, programming schedules, they could delete, change, detain information from other states. The breach was discovered August 24, 2012 a prison staffer saw a cable connecting an inmate’s computer to that of a staff member. The inmates had close access to staff member’s terminals, the prisoners spokesman stated that the computer connects an internal computer network to work stations the server which data was maintained was a standalone server from the DOC network which supports offender’s management database systems known as CORIS, the breach was due to the two networks being connected.
It was reported by the New Hampshire Union leader on Friday, August 24, 2012 the New Hampshire State Police Major Crimes Unit responded to the State Prison as well as The Department Of Corrections Investigation team, and personnel from The State Department Of Information Technology, they had to investigate the data breach involving computer system used to store and manage all correctional facility records. A cable which connects to an internal computer network to work stations, it was located in the correctional industries part of the prison, the area is secured and the shops were closed. The network was used to track invoices and billing for correctional industries contracts.
Analyze how the data breach could have been prevented with better adherence to and compliance with regulatory requirements and guidelines, including management controls, include an explanation of the regulatory requirement (such as FISMA, HIPPA, or others)?
Government organizations must implement data security protocols, policies and procedures also the government organizations must realize that the safeguards are not fool proof and can be compromised. The reason that sensitive or classified information is being compromised is due to mainly human errors, criminal negligence, and malicious hacking. The data breach at The New Hampshire Correctional Facility could have been prevented if staff members computers were in a locked and secured area were...

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