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Case Study Of Diageo Company

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Subject name –strategic business management
Topic name - The adidas company analysis
Submitted by- Sohail yousaf
Registration number-(MAF 051-23-074)
Submitted to – Sir ahmad shahzad

The MS Model
The MS model is a method through which we identify human and material resources and how they are applied in particular industry or sector.
Following is the detail provided of the adidas company how they applied MS model.

As a part to initiate and implement better technology, such as computer stitching and high cutting frequency and automated production line ...view middle of the document...

Men and women
to maintain the quality of its products the adidas company has skilled its labor by providing them facilities at different training sessions. And has also introduced them with high technology.
The innovation team analyze new material process and scientific research a to increase the scope of idea generation. The company has different R&D departments In whole world which are working for product process and to maintain quality. Adidas global development center herzogenurach Germany, shanghai china, rebook canton USA, Fuzhou CHINA, Carlsbad, California USA, Montreal Quebec CANDA.
Money is referred as credit turnover the cash payments and receipts, and the lon which the company adopts. The adidas company has achieved it targets with a lot of success.
Its has set the target of gross margin of 48.0% to 48.05%, while it has achieved 49% during 2013, and has set the target to achieve 49.05% to 49.08%.
By analyzing its previous history it is a strong believe that it will be able to achieve its targets with quite ease and successfully.

‘benchmarking is the process of gathering data about targets and comparators, that permit current levels of performance to be identified and evaluated against best proactive. Adoption of identified best practices should improve performance.
There are number of benchmarking types, JS&W proposes the following categories.

Historical benchmarking
Historical benchmarking compares the like industry with similarity of products. It compares and analyzes the performance of past time. This method is although old but is still used in few organizations by getting the full potential out of it.
Industry/sector benchmarking
Industry /sector benchmarking is the method in which the comparison is done between the industries with similar features. This method also has few drawbacks one of which is that at the time of comparison the whole industry might be suffering by underperforming and in danger from substitute products provided by other industries.
Best in-class benchmarking
Best in class benchmarking is the method in which we adopt the best practice which is being used in industry with similar products and same features. JS&W suggest that this method can provide dramatic results.

The benchmarking process
Stage 1-The adidas management is keen to adopt the innovation and senior management Is cooperative in helping the low level management and also encourages them to adopt the innovation. It achievers through globally succession plans which covers successors for director le
Stage 2-The second process in benchmarking is the areas to be bench marked should be determined and objective should be set. The adidas...

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