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Case Study: Officer Robert Barton Paper

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Case Study: Officer Robert Barton Paper

Marcellus Brown


May 9, 2016

Theresa Cruz

When Officer Barton joined the police, He wanted to be an up standing cop and do everything by the book. After graduating from the academy he wanted to preserve the peace and a goal of protecting people and society from criminals. Officer Barton grew up in a small town and was raised in a middle class family and was not ready for the experience of police life. When Officer Barton graduated from the academy and joined the police force, he realized that his views had changed once he hit the streets. Officer Barton wanted to be part of the ...view middle of the document...

With communication not being an important tool in the group it creates problems and the group can’t meet objectives and goals. Struggling for power and control is another negative side effect of group that has no cohesion. This also creates a division because it brings about two different externalities that are interested in a joint position. What happens is each side looks at the best opportunities to conquer the other one and so they do not work mutually.

Sometimes members feel like they will become alienated, lose their rank within the group or fail to voice their opinion on the groups acts when this happens group cohesiveness becomes pathological. One example would be if some members of the group did not feel comfortable enough to speak out against the groups actions, when one member knew what the group was doing was not right. In a group, such members will be considered as cowards and failures and are likely to be thrown out of the group. The Main ingredient in a group is pathological and getting complete agreement is a struggle. When this happens the motivation of the group goes away and they are more likely to do wrong. Members of the group also will not act on their free will and follow their values.


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