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Case Study On Karsakoff Syndrom

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Abstract: This is a case study regarding the effects of chronic alcohol abuse in Patient F43, F referring to the patient’s gender as Female; 43 referring to the age of the patient. Patient F43’s problems with alcohol are further complicated by anorexia nervosa, depression, and bipolar disorder, all of which were known to exist before any problems associated with drinking had developed. As a result of chronic alcohol abuse, Patient F43 is exhibiting signs of alcohol dementia and Korsakoff ...view middle of the document...

This case study provides a critical review of the effects of alcoholism as traditionally defined within the medical or "disease" model of alcoholism. A detailed case study of memory deficiency is presented. The sequence of events in this case study is used to illustrate the possibilities of side effects of chronic alcohol abuse, namely Korsakoff syndrome. Highlights of the medical model of Korsakoff syndrome are then presented, with particular attention devoted to the key concepts of anterograde and retrograde amnesia. Lastly, suggestions for treatment and prevention of further damage will be presented.
Introduction: Korsakoff Syndrome is a brain disorder usually associated with long-term heavy drinking and thiamine deficiency. Individuals with Korsakoff Syndrome tend to have profound deficits in their ability to recall recent events, or in what is termed their “explicit memory.” In Patient F43, Korsakoff Syndrome has not yet been diagnosed but seems apparent. Patients with Korsakoff’s syndrome experience anterograde amnesia, which is evident in...

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