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Case Stuudy On Parle Production Management

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✓ Maintenance Systems.
✓ Preventive Maintenance.
✓ Maintaining Machines.
✓ Inspection.






A simple machine is any device that only requires the application of a single force to work. Simple machines include: the inclined plane, wheel and axle, lever, pulley, wedge (single and double) and the Archimedes' screw. A machine is a mechanical device with moving parts, often ...view middle of the document...

There are nearly 18 machines in the factory each of them operated by one OR two worker. These machines require special maintenance, therefore; there is special department for maintenance. Apart from this it has also other department for maintenance. The only regular maintenance that takes place is the oiling in the machine daily. If there is any kind breakdown then the machine is replaced as these are SPM. If the machine asks for any repairing then it is done only if it is a minor repair. If it’s a major one then the machine is replaced. In many cases the repairing is done by the Mechanical engineer who is specially appointed for this purpose. Preventive Maintenance is adopted in this factory as it is a large scale industry. In some cases, the machines have to be replaced even though they are in good condition. This is due to the changes in technology and demand.

The following are the different types of machines used in this factory:
1. Stephen Mixer
2. Nagema Single Twist Machine
3. Nagema Double Twist Machine
4. Euro Sigma Machine
5. Euro Sigma Bar Wrapping Machine
6. Kneding Roller
7. Multipacking Machine
8. Rottary Brush $ Rottary Cutter.


The company has its own unique method of maintenance which comprises of different types of tags for maintenance of the different departments:-
▪ Green Tag is for Maintenance Department.
▪ Red Tag is for Electrical Department.
▪ White Tag is for Cleaning Department.
Preventive Maintenance:

It means to maintain the maintenance operation performed prior to breakdown and may be either minor or major. It is carried out on scheduled basis for retaining equipment in a satisfactory operating condition.

Preventive maintenance is done on every Sundays.

Preventive maintenance takes place in four ways:-
1. Time based:
2. Work based:
3. Opportunity based:
4. Condition based:

Maintaining our plant and equipment in good order not only increases its life, but makes it safer to use and also quieter.

How wear and tear affects noise output?

We can understand this by looking at the "bathtub" curve. This shows what happens to the noise output of a machine over its working life.
Servicing needs to be carried out at Point C, before the wear and tear becomes serious. By doing this, we may not achieve a large noise reduction, as the noise level will drop back to the level at Point A or Point B. But what we will do is to avoid the period of high noise exposure up to Point D.
Not only this, but repairs carried out at Point D are going to be much more expensive.

          After the assembling is done, the Inspector and his inspecting team come and inspect. The inspection is done to check the pressure resistance of the machines with the help of pressure gauges. Then various tests are...

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