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Causes And Effect Of Poor Reading Habit Among Junior Secondary School Students In Ikpoba Okha Local Government Area, Edo State

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This study is carried out in order to examine the causes and effects of poor reading habits among junior secondary school students in Ikpoba Okha Local Government Area of Edo State. It has been observed that most JSS students cannot read, for this reason it is the intension of the researcher to look at those factors that make reading a difficult problem for students to examine that likely affects their reading difficult and the nation at large as well as the suggest solutions to this reading difficulty and the nation at large as well as the suggest solutions to this reading difficulty as reading underlines all teaching activities in the schools. This investigation was based on some ...view middle of the document...

6 School community relation
2.7 Indiscipline among students
2.8 Summary of literature review
Chapter Three
Research Methodology
3.1 Design of the study
3.2 Population of the study
3.3 Sample and sampling techniques
3.4 Instrumentation
3.5 Validation of instrument
3.6 Method of data collection
3.7 Method of data analysis
Chapter Four
Data presentation and analysis discussion of results
Chapter Five
5.1 Summary
5.2 Conclusion
5.3 Recommendation

In any society, it is not easy to find any skill work that does not require reading ability. Reading is an important pre-occupation of students from the lowest level to the highest level of education. Reading is a tool for understanding all subjects in every course of study in our schools. Terry Thomas (1967) saw reading as the interpretation of printed or written symbols into speech, reading is the ability to interpret printed materials from page.
It is a decoding process by which written words are translated in order to gain meaning. Reading helps to gain experience through which an individual may expand understanding of him, or herself and others. According to Conge (1929), reading is a specialized and complex skill involving a number of more general or lesser skill, it is also the ability to carryout the patterned shaped unit mark on paper with language. Reading cannot take place without language or at least the capacity for language certain special cases reading is a difficult a train all over the world particularly with the second use of language.
Reading is one of the four basic skills which combine to form what is generally called a complex system of element and symbols through which we communicate and interact with other people. Reading has shown to be an essential skill for facilitating a multitude of day to day task and promoting an easily accessible means for creation to today’s society.
According to Buzan (1987) learned man all over the world have realized that without efficiency in reading acquire and application of knowledge of skills can hardly be practiced, the subject of poor reading habits and its effect, it a matter of great interest of the researcher and concern to teachers education and administration. As a result there is a consensus among the general public that the standard of English has fallen. There are two main types of reading, the silent reading and the loud reading in the silent reading, the reader reads without movement of the lips and without the movement of the head side to side. All information gathering are conceived in the readers mind. In loud reading, the reader reads out words for others to hear minding all the necessary punctuations.
It has however been observed that many students especially those in the junior secondary seldom read effectively, sometimes many of the students are held back in their...

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