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Causes And Effects Of Employee Turnover In Private Bank

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Causes and Effects of Employee Turnover in Private Bank
(A Case Study)

Department of Business Administration
Leading University, Sylhet

Causes and Effects of Employee Turnover in Private Bank:
A Case Study

Course code: BUS-322
Course Title: International Business

Submitted to
Syed Towfiq Mahmood Hasan
Assistant Professor
Department of Business Administration
SUST, Sylhet, Bangladesh

Submitted by
Faglul Karim Raihan
ID: 1001010142
Sec-C, 8th Semester (24th Batch)

Department of Business Administration
Leading University, Sylhet

Date of Submission: September 29, 2012

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Then I would like to give thanks to Renowned Philanthropist Mr.Ragib Ali as he established Leading University and we got this opportunity to read here. After wards, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Prof. Dr. Mr. Bashir Ahmed Bhuiyan, Head of the Department of Business Administration, Leading University-Sylhet.

I would like to thanks our course instructor Mr. Syed Towfiq Mahmood Hasan, respected Assistant Professor of SUST for giving me this chance to make a report. My thanks also goes to my family members and friends who are co-operated with me at any of the steps of the assignment and continuously support me without any hesitation and make themselves an important part of this job.


Executive summary

The employment culture is changing in Bangladesh. It is now relatively common to change jobs frequently, rather than to grow with one company throughout the employment life.. Employee’s turnover is one of them which is considered to be one of the challenging issues in business nowadays. High employee turnover directly affects the performance of the organization.. It was a great opportunity for me to make a report on Employee Turnover. The titled of this report is “Causes and Effects of Employee Turnover in Private Bank: A Case Study”. I complete this report based on United Commercial Bank Ltd (UCBL).

UCB is one of the oldest private banks in Bangladesh. Sponsored by some dynamic and reputed entrepreneurs and eminent industrialists of the country and also participated by the Government. Being one of the first generation private sectors Bank in Bangladesh, it started its commercial operations from mid 1983. United Commercial Bank Limited incorporated on 26 June, 1983 as a public company with limited liability under the Companies Act 1993. The bank obtained permission to commence business with effect from 27 June, 1983.

Employee Turnover is the number of permanent employees leaving the company within the reported period versus the number of actual Active Permanent employees on the last day of the previous reported period (physical headcount).  The number of leavers, that are included in Employee Turnover, only includes natural turnover (resignations, termination, retirement etc); it does not reflect any redundancies. Planned redundancies are reported and explained separately if relevant for Employee Turnover

We have divided the report into four five chapters. The name of first Chapter is Introduction, In this chapter I provide some Literature Review and objective of the study. The main objectives of the study are to identify the causes of employee turnover and to identify the factors which motivate employees to continue in the current organizations. Also include Methodology of the study in this chapter.

In second chapter I put the overview of the organizational. UCB is one of the oldest private banks in Bangladesh. Sponsored by some dynamic and reputed...

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