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Chris Stonecipher
5th period 
Between 1000 C.E. and 1750 C.E., Islam had a great impact on Europe, which affected it politically, economically and culturally. Islam brought and took political power to/from the Church and king through the crusades, affected the economy through new innovations, and finally affected Europe’s society and culture through the Renaissance. Islam absolutely affected Europe in both positive and negative ways, but without a doubt changed the whole order of things for the continent.

The Crusades started in 1095, once pope Urban II demanded all the nations in Europe to unite for a single cause. Before this point, Europe had never really been completely united due to civil wars and other disuniting conflicts. The Crusades were directed towards more radical Muslims, focusing heavily on the city of ...view middle of the document...

Islam had a huge impact on Europe’s economy. Before the Crusades, Europe’s technology was very primitive and below its time. At the time, Islamic groups had some of the most advanced technology available. Europeans adopted many of these technologies from their enemies, many of which helped to greatly facilitate trade. For example, Europeans learned how to build better ships and use the compass through Islamic groups. Islam also introduced the use of a coin system in Europe, which helped the economy greatly; people then didn’t have to use the old-school barter system, in which traders and merchants would be forced to haul hundreds of pounds of items to barter with, as apposed to simple and lightweight coins. The Renaissance was a very important event for Europe and subsequently the whole world.

The Renaissance was a cultural movement that occurred between the 14 and 17th
Centuries. The Renaissance was influenced by Islamic culture seen by Europeans during the Crusades. Before this Europe was centralized on serfs, there was little to no education, and Europe had a centralized agricultural economy. However, the Renaissance would bring drastic change to this order of society. The Renaissance caused schools and colleges to be formed, soon making education a new priority. More and more people started traveling and exploring other parts of the world. Arts and literature became subjects viewed with respect. The printing press was also invented during this time period which had a great impact on both the economy and the culture in Europe.

Obviously, Islam was very important to the growth and development in Europe between 1000 and 1750 C.E. The changes it inspired would not only benefit Europe, but the world as well. Islam directly helped shape Europe’s politics, economy and culture. Islam inspired the Crusades, which brought about the Renaissance. Both of which dramatically affected the continent. Islam changed Europe from a conservative region to a looser, more artsy liberal region.

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