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Cell Phones And The Curve Essay

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Cell Phones and the Curve

For this project we will analyze cell phones and the impact they have on current economic trends and realities on politics, the workplace and the quality of individual lives. There are two brands of cell phones that are almost identical except for some minor features and they are the A-Phone and the Pomegranate. First off the pomegranate is a mobile phone concept that became a viral mock campaign funded by the government of Nova Scotia in order to build interest in the small Canada province. The functionality or features of the fake device has gradually been introduced partially into mobile phones over the years since the inception of the marketing campaign ...view middle of the document...

Leading to the release of the Samsung electronic device, representatives of the company warned of potential limited supplies due to the overwhelming global demand of the device but they ended up fulfilling inventory demands. There was a massive distribution of the phone on 327 carriers across 155 countries including the United States which was committed to selling the phone. What typically happens in the initial phase is that companies will invest in the market research to produce the kind of cell phone that the buyers would want and produce a certain quantity of units and put them up for sale for an initial price. The consumers who find the phone valuable end up paying the amount required to purchase the phone according to their income supporting it.

Part II
In comparison to the Samsung device, supply issues have been an issue with Apple devices historically where there have been several occasions the company has been faced with huge orders for its iPhone products leading to high input prices. The high price of the units end up causing sales to drop significantly and once the phone companies lose money on products not sold they end up reducing the costs to get it out of the...

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