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Cervical Cancer Essay

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BC 25 FINALS Research Proposal
General topic
Cervical Cancer
Narrowed Topic
Cervical cancer vaccine should be mandatory among teenagers
1. What is cervical cancer?
2. What causes cervical cancer?
3. What are the signs and symptoms of such disease?
4. What age group is primarily affected with cervical cancer?
5. Are there any other predisposing factors that increase risk of cervical cancer?
6. What is the mortality rate of cervical cancer among women?
7. How important is having women vaccinated with cervical cancer?
8. Is the vaccine used to treat cervical cancer feasible?
9. Is the vaccine affordable that it can be made free for the public?
Alliance for Cervical Cancer Prevention. (2004). Preventing cervical cancer ...view middle of the document...

Esguerra, C.V. (2008, February 6). Breakthrough drug: cervical cancer vaccine okd. Philippine Daily Inquirer, p.3.
This newspaper article is about the newly developed vaccine against cervical cancer. It talks about its cost, the recommended age group to receive the vaccine and the interval of administration. It further states the number of new cases worldwide and here in the Philippines. This is especially beneficial for those reader’s seeking information about the vaccine and the prevalence of cervical cancer here in the country and worldwide.
Salazar, T.R. (2006, December 30). Cervical cancer vaccine to save patients P500, 000. Philippine Daily Inquirer, B6.
In this newspaper article, Tessa Salazar discusses the cervical cancer vaccine. It contains information not only on the vaccine but also about those qualified to have a vaccine. This information informs the public of the great development in prevention of the diseases and promotion of health.
Singson, R. (2005). Preventing cervical cancer through your sexual habits. The Phillipine Daily Inquirer, p.11.
In this newspaper article by Dr. Rebecca Singson, she talks about ways to prevent cervical cancer through sexual habits. She also made mention of the possible factors that increases one’s risk for having cervical cancer. The article is greatly beneficial to those individuals who are sexually active yet do not see the threat of acquiring cervical cancer through the habit.

The Reader’s Digest Association, Inc. (1996). Guide to medical cures and treatments. Singapore: author.
This book contains different information about certain diseases. It includes important details such as the definition of the disease, causes, signs and symptoms, treatments etc. for the purpose of informing the reader about the disease that they interest. It also has special features such as follow-up questions at the end of each topic that could really involve the reader into digging deeper about the topic.

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