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Ch 7 Psychology Essay

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Human Development

Chapter 7 Text Assignment

Please answer the following questions:

1. Define resilience and provide examples of children who may display those qualities and/or tendencies:

• Resilience children who are rebound from serious early life traumas to construct successful adult lives. They have special talent, such as to regulate their emotions. They have a high sense of self-efficacy and an optimistic worldview. They possess a strong faith or sense of meaning in life. An example would be Winston Churchill who was beaten by his headmaster in school but later took out Hitler in World War one.

2. Describe how children may be impacted by divorce and ...view middle of the document...

• Intrinsic motivation refers to self-generated activities, actions we take purely from our inner desires. Example would be writing short stories because you really enjoy writing them. Extrinsic motivation refers to activities that we undertake in order to get external reinforcers, such as praise or pay, or a good grade. Example would be selecting a major in college based on salary and prestige, rather than personal interest in the major.

5. What is the difference between validity and reliability, as it relates to psychological tests or measures?

• Validity in measurement terminology is a basic criterion for a test’s accuracy involving whether that measure reflects the real-world quality it is supposed to measure. Reliability in measurement terminology is a basic criterion of a test’s accuracy that scores must be fairly similar when a person takes the test more than once.

6. Explain the most critical factors that affect school achievement.

• Schools that serve poor but high achieving children share a mission to have every child succeed. They assume that poor children can do well a high level conceptual work. Teachers support and mentor one another. These same attributes apply to unusually successful schools in middle-class neighborhoods, too.

7. Spanking is a conversation that always sparks great debate. Based on Belsky’s discussion of spanking answer the following:

a. Who is most likely to spank? parents

b. Who is most likely to be spanked: preschoolers

c. When should spanking never be used? On infants

d. What are some guidelines for “healthy” spanking? Positive reinforcements

e. What are the risks of spanking? Lead to future violence

8. Discuss some of the consequences and risk factors for child abuse.

• Parents’ personality problems, intense environmental stress, and lack of attachment to a given child are the main risk factors that provoke abuse. Abused children often have serious emotional and academic problems and are at risk for committing antisocial acts later in life.

9. Place the...

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