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Challenges Of An Australian Hr Manager May Face In London

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Challenges of an Australian HR manager may face in London

Subject: HRM in the Global Environment
Subject: HRM in the Global Environment

Over the last few decades the number of expatriates is increasing worldwide. These men and women represent a very important asset for organisations which are developing new business across the world. These expatriates are generally sending abroad to develop strategies or resolve problems in the host country. Consequently, the organisation has to be informed of any issue that expatriates might face and affect the work abroad in terms of international human resource management ...view middle of the document...

Australians believes that trade unions are a fundamental human right. This right has been validated by the government with the federal conciliation and arbitration system from 1993. On the contrary, British’s trade unions have been failure over the time because the lack of government recognition for this kind of unions and their rights (Shaw 2001). In addition, Knox and Nixon (2006, pp. 52-53) suggest that trade unions in the UK are ‘being characterised as being voluntaristic, with minimal intervention from the state in employment relations’. In contrast, Australian trade unions have an active role. They can make a large portion of union-enterprise agreements with widely support of the government. (Knox & Nickson 2006). Nevertheless, the trade union density in 2013 was 17% and 25.4% of the workforce in Australia and United Kingdom respectively (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development 2015). In addition, Knox and Nickson suggests in the British context that ‘Trade union were perceived as being likely to interfere with the managerial prerogative, slow down the decision making process and create dual source of authority within the organisation’ (2006, pp.52). These differences between Australia and The UK in terms of trade unions have key implications for the manager, such as the active role in the employee requirements, a negotiation skill and develop good relationship.
Today, written labour contract is not necessary but useful when a person starts a new work relation. The contract is normally made under the local labour law. In the case of international work relation (Expatriate labour contract), it is added the period of time that the employee will be in the overseas work, the amount and currency of the payment, any detail about compensation or other incentives offered by the organisation and all the repatriation terms (Martin 2004). Furthermore, it is no mandatory but recommendable make a decision about which will be the applicable law in case of dispute. The law applicable in the employment contract might be a mutual agreement of the parties otherwise according to the international labour law, the law applicable will be where the worker habitually does their work (Hill & Chong 2014).

Australia as a part of commonwealth has access to different kind of visa depending on the time and the work that the Australian worker is going to do in UK. There are options for less than 6 months or for more than 6 month and if the worker is classified as skilled worker or temporary worker (Department of Visa and Immigration 2015). For example, a worker who will work more than 6 months and he has been offered a role in his employer’s UK branch is able to submit an application as skilled worker. The worker visa and dependants must be approved before the travel. The organisation and the worker must have all the information about cost or any document needed for the application.

Taxation is other relevant aspect for the...

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