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Challenges Single Moms Face Essay

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Challenges Single Moms Face
Liberty University

The purpose of this paper is to inform our society of the significant challenges single mom face. Raising children in this era is a very difficult task for couples and it brings greater challenges when is done by a single parent. This paper explores the emotional, psychological and financial aspect of raising children as a single mom as well as the main reasons why. It will review the causes and consequences in which it ...view middle of the document...

Whereas a two-parent home brings family stability by allowing each parent to play different roles during the child’s development and providing better support for them, Kelly (2003). Raising a family alone requires that one performs both the role of a father and a mother. Kombau (2000) states that fathers play the leading role in the household, as his primary responsibility is to bring the income in order to support the family. He will show his love by protecting his family, giving emotional support and guidance. The mother’s role is to nurture, care and encourage family growth. According to Kornbau (2000), researchers have identified several indicators of child well-being to test the effects of each divorce factor. Such factors include academic achievement, conduct, social relations, and psychological and emotional adjustment. Issues arise when single parents are suddenly faced with the emotional and financial responsibility of the family. Single parents go through their own emotional needs as well as being tasked to fulfill the needs of their children. A single parent usually develops a pattern of depression and must understand how to deal with their own struggles and simultaneously provide comfort for their children (Amato, 2003). As stated by Goldenberg ( 2008), Single moms, with physical custody of their children, usually deal not only with lowered economic status but also with grief, self-blame, loneliness and lack of support.
According to Amato (2000), individuals with adult divorced parents are at an increased risk of experiencing psychological problems in adulthood. He states that children of divorced parents are disadvantaged in areas of psychological adjustment, well-being, academic achievement, and behavioral health.
A few studies have considered the possibility that low educational attainment or poor interpersonal skills may be associated between parental divorce and adult psychology well-being.
Evidence suggests that children that grow up in single parent homes are negatively affected in the quality and stability of their intimate relationships throughout adulthood (Amato ,2000). These children show signs of higher levels of dissatisfaction and conflict in their own marriages.
Amato (2000) also associated martial disruption to a weak parent-child tie in adulthood. Research shows that divorce is highly related with some lack of expression of parental affection, greater parental harshness when dealing with misbehavior, and inconsistency in providing discipline. Although divorce seems to weaken a child’s bond with both parents, studies show that consequences are stronger with the father because most children reside with the mother after a divorce (Pg. 904).
A study revealed that children from broken homes tend to report a comparatively lower level of psychological well-being in adulthood.
b- Financial
One of the most significant challenges single moms face is trying to make ends meet financially. ...

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