Change Management And Communication Plan Essay

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Change Management and Communication Plan

Change Management and Communication Plan
Team C Consultants has been tasked with creating a change management and communication plan for Riordan Manufacturing, an organization that has identified the need to implement a formal customer information system to be used by all employees. To create these plans, Team C reviewed Riordan’s intranet site to understand better different aspects of the organization. Discussed below under the change management plan are the current power structures identified in the organization, structures necessary to implement change, characteristics of the company culture, ...view middle of the document...

Interaction between various levels of hierarchy requires employees to leverage their power and political influence with others in the organization to reach goals or desired outcomes and behaviors.
Effective Organizational Structure
According to its intranet site, Riordan Manufacturing is headquartered in California, employs more than five hundred people, and has additional facilities located in Georgia, Michigan, and China. Because Riordan Manufacturing’s goal is to implement a process that will be utilized by all employees, the organizational structure best suited for the implementation is the bureaucratic structure. This structure will allow the organization to standardize its process across all levels of hierarchy. According to Robbins and Judge (2011), benefits of the bureaucratic structure include “minimum duplication of personnel and equipment, and employees who have the opportunity to talk the same language” (p. 496).
Effects on Employee Behavior
The bureaucratic structure provides simplicity and consistency in communication as one level of hierarchy communicates the same message to the next level. This establishes the organizational directive and sets expectation for all employees to follow, removing any deficiency of knowledge. A potential concern to be cognizant is that employees could become frustrated with multiple levels of hierarchy if they do not have input on decisions or do not believe that they are listened to or valued.
Characteristics of Culture and Influences on Behavior
Employee behavior affects their performance and their response to their work, supervisors, and customers. The organizational culture at Riordan incorporates fairness, trust, dedication, innovative and teamwork, disability accommodations, performance evaluations, employee benefits such as 401K, dental, educational assistance, health and life insurance, holidays, vacations, provide childcare, and workers compensation insurance. Riordan is an organization that strives to provide solutions for their customers’ needs by exceeding their expectations. Riordan is considered a superior company but, like other companies, they must learn when and how to implement change effectively.
Potential Sources of Resistance to Change
Many of the company’s employees do not handle change well and can become resistant. Some of the reasons that employees resist change are the lack of awareness to the change, comfort, fear of not knowing, individual personal feelings, job security, peer pressure, conflicts, poor timing, and lack of trust. Although some of the employees may become resistant, managers must prepare to deal with the resistance and assist employees to learn to deal with the changes more effectively. Managers should communicate changes clearly, honestly, and in a straightforward manner. Managers should show employees respect by acknowledging any concerns. Managers can utilize meetings to show support and discuss concerns face to face. During these meetings,...

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