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Change Management Plan Essay

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Change Management Plan

Change Management Plan
In current dynamic business world, the only static thing is change. Organizations have to deal with great variety of changes across the year. With passage of time, intensity of competition amongst business organizations has increased. At the same time, need for changing as per business needs has also arisen. Case for Riordan Manufacturing has also not been different. Right now, the company is lagging far behind in customer service and communication process as they do not have proper system to record details of their customers. This has hampered their growth and development in the past and ...view middle of the document...

First of all, database management is not proper and hence information does not flow to the managers during decision making process. And secondly, when such data is vested with employees who have formed power centers within the organization, there is serious danger of losing the customers. The employees are not permanent assets of the organization. They could switch jobs and could take away with them all the information and data with them. Also, having such manual system of data storage would mean that decision making process became extremely slow and time consuming. Most of the points associated with such practice are negative.
Identification of most suitable organizational structure:
Riordan Manufacturing could choose divisional centralized organizational structure in current situation. This kind of structure is best suited for organizations indulged in manufacturing processes of different goods. They could have following structure:
Source: (Sameh, 2010)
Divisional structure like above is something where each division could be treated as separate entity within an organization. The managers act on behalf of top management and work in order to attain small and long term goals of the business. Also called a "product structure", the divisional structure groups each organizational function into a division. There are different customers for each product and accordingly, database could be maintained as per requirement of each division or department. Apart from that, there has to be centralized database management system which should have details of all the customers, their needs and preferences in order to assure that future demands are fulfilled.
(Gillikin, 2010)
Potential Effect of Employees Behavior:
In the initial stages, there could be multiple issues with respect to employees’ behavior. First of all, due to introduction of new communications plan and divisional structure, there could be resistance from employees’ side. Here, it purely depends on the manager as to how he copes up the situation and assures that production and distribution process remains unaffected by employees’ resistance. As per current situation, there are power centers within the organization. Introduction of centralized communication and data management system would mean an end to such centers....

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