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Changing Landscape Of Health Care Essay

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One can argue that the changing landscape of Health Care can be attributed to the variety of factors, depending on how it impacts the industry in its delivery, administration, systems development, education, consumer’s responses, business competitive environment, and so on. These influencing forces range from technology advances, consumer behavior, political pressures, and globalization, to name a few. Comprehensive quantitative and qualitative evaluation is needed to determine the affects of these changes brought within the organization, hence the perceived benefits and challenges to the patients and the organization is not linear but subjective. Essentially, the intention of these changes ...view middle of the document...

Automation can also facilitate better communication between the physician and the patient and between providers.
In addition to the electronic record, which basically broken down the hierarchical barriers between the patient and the provider, through technology, patients are now having more control of their health. Health care information that used to be held in a “secret chamber” solely by physicians are openly available to the consumers with the click of their fingers, but of course there are still need of medical expertise for sensitive cases. Nevertheless, the awareness brought by the advent of information superhighway is reshaping the way consumer view their health. Consumers in general are becoming more conscious on not only what is available to them but also what impacts their healthy living. In the same sense, one of the proponents of this view that one considers giving more power to the consumer to decide about their health is the passing of the Affordable Care Act of 2010. This act, in one account, typifies the changing landscape of health care as it shift the prevailing concept from a provider-controlled to a more consumer-controlled setting. The act aims to ensure affordability and access to insurance for those with no or little insurance coverage. According to Khan, “Under the Affordable Care Act, health insurance exchanges now give patients the option to shop and compare plans in order to determine which has the best value for their individual needs. Being able to compare plan transparency than ever before in healthcare.” (Khan, F. Feb. 2014).
Health care in the United States has gone so far that it induces a better quality of health care enjoyed by the consumers. However, this progress does not come without a price. For instance, automation catalyzes the many challenges that bring about ethical and legal dilemmas, particularly for the professional communities. The potential violation of personal health information is a big concern. People are prone to commit wrongful acts, even professionals, not counting the personal and career cost. On the legal aspect, the employee will likely incur civil and criminal penalties for privacy violations and possible misuse of individually identifiable health information. The ethical issue is conceptualized depending on how it impacts the patients and the entity. For instance, some patients would try to charge or sue the employee and the system with the maximum allowable fines for possible misuse of their health information, even if there are no apparent negative consequences. The bottom line issue is the overall effect in the integrity of the system, which cause consumer to lose trust. To address this challenge, guidelines and standards are established to prevent and deter perpetrators from violating information privacy. There are also policies and procedures that assist...

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