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Changing The Way Children Eat For A Better Tomorrow

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Changing the Way Children Eat For a Better Tomorrow

Changing the Way Children Eat For a Better Tomorrow
The most important meal of the day for anyone is breakfast. Break-Fast, we go to sleep putting our body into a fasting state, once we awake our body looks for a food substance to break that fast; breakfast. “The federal child nutrition program feeds over 50 million children a day, 31.6 million of whom receive free lunches.” Fig. A USDA (2011) Mortazavi (2011). Millions of children across the United States depend on a well balanced breakfast and lunch. Not only do these meals fuel the body, but it also fuels the minds to enhance comprehension and retaining what they learn. “For many, ...view middle of the document...

”(Mortazavi, 2011). This part of the CNA addresses the economic issue for farmers and low income households; it gives more funding back to the schools as well connecting the local farmers to the schools. Children are in need of healthier choices, “Results from the 1999-2002 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) indicate that an estimated 31 % of children between ages 6 and 19 are at risk for overweight, and 16% of children and adolescents are classified as overweight. Not surprisingly, many efforts toward the prevention and treatment of type 2 diabetes are centered on education and lifestyle changes for treating overweight. The nutritional management of the overweight child parallels that of the child with type 2 diabetes.” Corrales-Yauckoes and Higgins (2005). Children need healthier alternatives, this plan will give them just that.
Our program will provide students more options to eat healthier. In agreement with the 2010 Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, students must take a fruit or vegetable with their meal, different colored vegetables must be served each week and portion sizes will be regulated to monitor calorie and sodium consumption Fujimorie (2012). Our program will give students a personal account that students and families can deposit funds into their account. This will allow us to monitor data for analysis for improving our program; four main categories will be monitored: sales, expenditure, student demographic data, and nutritional ratings Grainger, Senauer, and Runge (2007). We will also remove “competitive foods”, this will help facilitate students to make the proper choice as well as closed campus. We will begin by removing vending machines with soda’s high in sugar and replacing them with 100% Fruit Juice and water. Also the removal of frozen pre-made food items will be removed as well. A well balanced menu will also be available for children to choose from Fig. C (N/A, 2010). Our new program will focus on preparing more nutritious foods, fresh sandwiches made to order, more vegetables and organic food options. Also the implementation of the “Grab ‘N’ Go” Pace (2012) breakfast program will provide children a nutritious breakfast every morning. This is also imperative to keep our children fueled up for a pleasant learning experience. “Studies conclude that students who eat school breakfast at the start of the school day show a general increase in math and reading scores, as well as improvement in their speed and memory on cognitive tests," said Boone County School Superintendent John Hudson Pace (2012). Our new service director experience in the private sector led him to focus on increasing efficiency and productivity to keep costs low (Grainger et al., 2007). This effort will benefit kids overall obesity issue that we face in this country, as well as provide support to our local farmers.
This program will support a low-income child that needs a nutritious breakfast and lunch as well a healthier alternative...

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