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Chantale And Clinton Call For Service

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The case is about The Riley’s poor experience of buying a refrigerator. They purchased a completely new refrigerator from one of the greatest mall chains in Canada, the Canadian. The refrigerator subsequently began to malfunction. After receiving poor service from the vendor’s service center they tried to think of an effective approach to handle the situation. They had to decide to both do nothing at all and treat the situation as an isolated incident, walk away vowing not to ever deal with this particular retailer/brand, or prepare a written complaint to the retailer and protest about the service and demand some form of an apology and compensation. I believe that the “Chantale and Clinton ...view middle of the document...

Customer relationship management (CRM) is a system for managing a company's interactions with current and future customers. It involves using technology to organize, automate and synchronize sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support.
The case somehow referred to each of the above terms and concepts. In order to find a proper solution to a problem, one must first have a clear picture of the problem itself. The Candian, being a mega commercial center must have carefully studied and scrutinized norms and standards in place to avoid such frustration as was encountered by the Riley’s. The first stage of the issue is poor Quality Control Management. Such large corporations shall at all times ensure that all their products and services pass through carefully examined Quality Control examination filters. Now that the problem is raised, The Canadian should have had an effective CRM system and after sales policy to tackle the issue with the minimum level of disappointment. The CRM system should have served as a tool to prioritize the jobs given to the technicians. Considering today’s cut-throat competition, resolving the technical issues of a customer who has been loyal to the organization for many years should be of the top priorities.
An accurate understanding of Marketing Management and public imaging will highlight the importance of word-of mouth effect. A happy and satisfied customer will always serve as a powerful tool of marketing by spreading the positive experience and hence creating a respectable image for the organization. The Canadian suffered to achieve such goal. Due to repeated failed attempts of resolving the issue, they deeply disappointed two of their loyal customers. This can itself be a potential threat as the Riley’s may actually stat spreading their poor experience with the company.
In general, due to their past experience Chantale and Clinton’s service expectations from The Canadian are that they provide customer-oriented services and that the company values its customers and prioritizes their concerns over anything else. To be more specific, as what we have seen in this case, Chantale and Clinton thought so high of the company that they actually expected the following:

1) A quick and well-mannered response and follow up on their request or phone calls instead of constant transfer of their requests from one party to another.

2) Maintains constant communication with the customers and provide recent updates and feedback for important changes (e.g., technician could not come on the day);

3) Reliable service offering (e.g., when an appointment is set by the service center, it shall be meet at any cost!)

4) On time delivery and repair service as well as timely communication to save customer time.

5) Has department to bridge the gaps or escalation the issue in...

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