Charles Kettering, The Famed Us Electrical Engineer And Inventor Said “A Problem Well Stated Is Half Solved.” One Of The Key Capabilities In Consulting Is To Develop A Good Understanding Of The Problem Situation From A

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Charles Kettering, the famed US electrical engineer and inventor said “A problem well-stated is half-solved.” One of the key capabilities in Consulting is to develop a good understanding of the problem situation from a number of different perspectives. This stage in the consulting process is known as ‘problem structuring’.

The capabilities in Consulting have no limits with extraordinary growth in which is capable to handle and bring solutions for all business problems.

Consulting is currently not well defined; however, it may refer to as giving advice to companies provided by trained professionals who help managers solve operational and strategic problems through the use of their ...view middle of the document...

The process of creating art is filled up of problems related to design and decision-making, while the decision attitude is related to scientific approach to problem solving. This means that science can support art with both providing rational approaches to problem solving.

Science suggests several important elements. The crucial assumptions of the scientific approach are that the observed world is essentially orderly, and objectivity can be achieved through self-discipline and the reliance on methods such as checking the instruments used, repeatability and multi-observed verification. That is, empiricism which is a theory that all knowledge is based on experience copied from the senses. Empiricists focus primarily on the the role of observation, while validity referred to rationalists emphasizes on the logical processes of theory construction in building robust theoretical structures and derivation.

Art and science may have its different aspects of the world itself when solving problems and coming up with a solution. However, they both value the careful observation of the environment to gather information through their senses. These similarities provide many interest fields where art and science can support each other in the working processes. In consulting, you could refer this type of perspective of science and art been important to them to use this form of thinking when offering advice and recommendations for a better outcome in an organization.

A great and famous example is from a classic case study called ‘The Elevator Problem’ (Ackoff, 1978). This case study is basically a problem which involved in a large office building that had poor elevator service. With this problem, a consulting firm specialising in these types of problems was hired, but for many reasons, none of their solutions were satisfactory which then was declared to be an unsolvable problem by the engineers. However, a suggestion was made by a young psychologist to dissolve the problem which was to put ‘mirrors’ in the elevator lobbies. The reason for this is because the young psychologist did not see the problem as the service been slow but by seeing the people been bored of waiting. Although the problem was not solved, it has dissolved from a major problem, to a minor. In this case study, it makes you think that a major problem can be solved with a very simple but unique solution to please those who are not satisfied. In a way, this case was solved thinking scientifically but also like an artist by using the senses of observation and creativity in this problem.

Facing a real world problem for an organization is not enough pure science. The manager process would be concerned with deciding what to do or not to do something, with any of the problems been accounted for the advisor to find a solution. It is the process of taking decisions in social systems in the face of problems which may not be self generated or gained easily. This separation of the pure...

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