Chelsea's Law; The Breakdown Essay

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The case that I chose to discuss is the case of Chelsea King. She was a 17-year old who went out for a run and was reported missing. After the police were notified, they, along with many volunteers searched endlessly for the girl. Four days after Chelsea went missing, authorities arrested John Albert Gardner III, a convicted sex offender who’s DNA they stated was found on King’s clothing that was found near the abduction site. Gardner had also been arrested in 2000 for committing lewd and lascivious acts on a child under 14 and was thought to also be connected to other crimes near the area. (Mike von Fremd, 2010) On May 14, 2010 John Albert Gardner III was formally sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole for the murder and rape of Chelsea and another teenage girl in northern San Diego County. Because Gardner was already a sex offender, both families of the ...view middle of the document...

Once they detained Gardner, their responsibility was to ensure due process. Through the due process, there are multiple steps regarding the hearing, trial, and sentencing. The criminal courts system then ensured the due process, conducted a trial that upheld the law, and conducted a fair trial. The correctional agencies then took Gardner into custody to carry out his lifetime sentence. While incarcerated, the correctional agency owes a duty to Gardner to respect his legal and human rights.

Throughout this particular trial, the fight for changes in sex offender laws was under much scrutiny. Gov. Schwarzenegger ordered the 17-seat California state board to review the case, but struggled with financial and logistical problems. (Dunlap, 2010) In order to evaluate and potentially fix the shortcomings in the current legal system regarding sex offenders, teamwork by law enforcement, district attorneys, crime victim groups, legislators, and others are essential. By working together they were able to call for tougher sentencing and parole conditions for sex offenders such as reporting where they go and where they live. It also calls for a life sentencing of a convicted sex offender who attacks children under age 14. Though there are cracks in the judicial system, it is each individual’s responsibility to ensure that they try and come up with new or alternative ways to perform the tasks more efficiently and to ensure the greater good of society and mankind.

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