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Chemistry Formal Lab Essay

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Bryan Ralloma
Jennifer Caraway
CHEM 1405-034
April 9, 2014
Balancing and Classifying Synthesized Chemical Reactions
During the experimentation, physical and chemical properties of unaltered elements/compounds were noted. The alteration of these physical and chemical properties, were understood to have defined chemical change. The experimental procedures were divided into five phases: Magnesium and Oxygen, Zinc and Copper(II) Sulfate, Metals and HCl, Reactions of Ionic Compounds, and the Sodium Carbonate and HCl. Different Reactions were noted for each respective phase. When necessary, a numerical coefficient would be added before the name of the formula on either the ...view middle of the document...

A. Magnesium and Oxygen
The chemistry professor demonstrated this procedure for pre-cautionary measures and safety hazards. In this experiment, a 2-3 cm long Mg ribbon, crucible tongs, crucible and cover, and the Bunsen Burner were used. The physical properties of the obtained Mg ribbon were recorded. The next step was to ignite the Bunsen Burner. With the use of the crucible tongs, the Mg ribbon was picked up and placed at the hottest part of the flame (the tip of the inner blue flame). The effects when heating the Mg ribbon were noted and recorded in Table A. It was required to balance the given chemical equation for the whole reaction. In order to balance the equation, we simply added the proper numerical coefficient before the chemical formula on either left or right side to ensure that there were no loss of atoms or molecules in the whole reaction, or simply suggesting that it was balanced. The synthesized chemical reaction was classified according to its type of reaction and noted that more than one reaction had occurred in the whole procedure.
B. Zinc and Copper(II) Sulfate
In this experiment: two small test tubes, a test tube rack, a Copper(II) sulfate solution(blue-colored solution), and a chunk of Zinc Metal were obtained prior to the procedure. Both two test tubes were 1/4 filled with the Copper(II) sulfate solution(blue-colored solution), and the physical properties of the solution were noted and recorded in Table B. The physical properties of the Zinc or Zn metal was also observed and recorded in Table B. Next step was to submerge the Zinc metal in one test tube with the Copper(II) sulfate solution, and leave the other test tube with the Copper(II) sulfate unaltered. After 15 minutes, initial observations of the test tube containing the Zn metal and the Copper(II) sulfate solution, were recorded in Table B. The next set of observations were noted 30 minutes after the start of the whole procedure and these results were recorded in Table B. After the whole procedure, the solution was discarded, as requested by the professor. In comparison to part A of the set of experiments performed, it was necessary to balance the chemical equation, and to classify the synthesized chemical reaction with its corresponding type of chemical reaction.
C. Metals and HCl
Prior to the start of the experiment: three small test tubes, a test tube rack, small pieces of Cu, Zn, and Mg metal, and a beaker 1/3 filled with concentrated Hydrochloric Acid or HCl were obtained. It was instructed to take pre-cautionary measures when dealing with HCl, as it was known as a corrosive(highly reactive) acid. The beaker containing HCl was carefully poured into the 3 test tubes in equal proportions. The physical appearance of the obtained metals: Cu, Zn, and Mg were recorded in Table C. One of each metal(Cu, Zn, and Mg) was submerged into each respective test tubes containing the HCl acid solution. The evidence of a chemical reaction would be "the...

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