Child Development Observation Essay

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Amber Jeppesen

Child 68 MW 4:45-6:10pm

October 17th, 2014

Part 1—General Information

The name of the center I observed at was C.L.O.U.D.S Preschool Program at Perdew Elementary School. The address of the center: 13051 Miller Ave. Etiwanda, CA 91739.

The C.L.O.U.D.S Preschool Program has goals for each and every one of its students to succeed in language development, social skills and preacademic training sets. This program does include fees, each different for every student due to the fact that each student has a different learning plan. Students come at different days as well as times.

Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Jarvis were the teachers in the C.L.O.U.D.S Preschool class I ...view middle of the document...

Three hours each day. The schedule of the classroom was the same each day. Class started at 7:45am and began with a tabletop activity. Two of the three days were easy to complete puzzles, and one of the days had preschool aged books. At 8am, Circle time commenced. Circle Time consisted of three preschool songs (Hokey Pokey, Itsy Bitsy Spider, and the Alphabet song), saying good morning to all teachers, adults and classmates, going over the date, all months of the year, the seasons, counting how many days of preschool have gone by and ended with reviewing the letter of the week (the letter of the week was O). At 8:30am, the class took a trip to the restroom for a “potty try.” After “potty try,” they went to the preschool and kindergarten playground. There was a jungle gym with a slide to play, a huge sandbox including tons of sand toys, tricycles and handballs to entertain with. Outside playtime ended at 9am. They lined up by the gate and all the kids knew to empty their shoes if they had sand or woodchips in them. From there they all walked hand in hand back to the classroom. They sat back down at the carpet and waited for an aide to bring around hand sanitizer. At 9:15am, they were sorted into groups for Centers. Each group consisted of five or six kids. There were four centers to be rotated through. The first two being literacy and math oriented and the last two being playtime. Centers ended at 10am. The kids all returned to the carpet and it was story time. During story time, an aide set up snack time for the kids. After story time, was share. All kids bring in an item that coincides with the letter of the week. Snack time began at 10:25am. After snack, a second circle time took place, a few dance songs to end the day with. The kids that were well behaved earned stickers to go home with. At 10:45am, pick up time was in effect.
b) Ethan has a very hard time focusing and participating in class throughout the entire day. He did well with the puzzle tabletop activities, not so much with the books. Circle time was a challenge for him. He refuses to listen to any authority figure and would rather sit and lay his head down on whichever aide was working with him for the day. The aides took him for a walk around the classroom building to kill time through the singing and dancing for he does not enjoy it. He calms down a bit once Mrs. Jones goes over the date, etc. Potty try he listened very well and was relaxed. During outside however was a different story. He is very dangerous to others on the playground. He likes to bite, kick or hit if another student does something he doesn’t like or gets in his way. The aides have to wear gloves to protect themselves from his attempt at harming others. It takes about 10-15 minutes to calm him down. Once back inside, he does well behaving during centers though he cannot focus on...

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