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Childhood Obesity As A Form Of Child Abuse

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Childhood obesity as a form of child abuse
Child abuse can be cited as any act that is emotional, sexual or physical that may harm or cause injury to a child. This involves acts that have potential for injury, threat injury to the child or result to injury in the actual sense. Child abuse occurs in different environments that the child interacts with. This includes but not limited to organizations, child care centers, schools or the child’s home. Abuse may happen to children of all ages, gender, ability or race. Abusers are often adults and young people they trust. They are familiar with them and also to the children’s family. A person can directly abuse a child or bear responsibility for ...view middle of the document...

This has negative effects on a child’s wellbeing or health. This condition causes harm to the child ranging from physical, psychological and is related to child neglect. Therefore, childhood obesity may fall into the category of child abuse.
Childhood obesity results to physical harm that is specific to physical health. It is linked to various conditions and diseases in childhood that may continue to the adulthood. These include high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease, insomnia and diabetes. Other disorders associated with it include skin infections, asthma, eating disorders early menarche and liver disease (Ollendick 67).
Obese children suffer psychological harm because most of them are harassed and discriminated by their peers and relatives. They are often teased, considered lazy and weak. They are usually blamed for this condition and most result having unusually low incomes or romantic relationships. In cultures that emphasize on slimness, the obese children suffer disadvantages because people have some misconceptions about them. They lose confidence in their self- image. They are generally disapproved resulting to...

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