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During the 19th century the middle class boys had went to grammar school. Then the middle class girls had went to private schools where they had learned how to sewing and things that involved music. Both the boys and the girls of the middle class were learning how to read and write. Middle class children had a lot of toys also. Their toys were wooden or porcelain dolls that were made into ...view middle of the document...

In the 19th century working class children were most likely working in factories and even on farms. The families though it was more important that the children bring home money rather than getting an education. The children had dangerous working conditions and long hours. Children were cheaper to pay than adults, and it was easier to work with the children. Many of the children had started working from the age eight to thirtheen. The house of the working class children were awful. It was basically the opposite of the middle class. No furniture no nanny to take care of kids when parents were at work which left them unsupervised.
The similarity between the middle class and the working class is that they are both committed to their family and communities. Both of the classes can have a solid work ethic how they approach their jobs. Also the risk that both of them had when they had went to work in the 19th century. Even though both classes tried to get education for the children both classes had the limited access to education.

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